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SSP#18: WWE Breaking Point Predictions, Rey Mysterio's Suspension and SSP's Top 10

In this edition of SSP I will be discussing my predictions for Breaking Point in which I shall briefly reflect on the Summerslam results, Rey Mysterio’s suspension, another ‘Good Idea, Bad Idea’ moment, The One to Watch and I shall also be debuting the Top Ten for each roster as SSP sees them.

*** WWE Breaking Point 2009 ***

wwe breaking point 2009 poster

The 1st Annual from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the infamous Montreal Screw job tool place in which Bret Hart was made look like he submitted to Shawn Michaels. Now 12 years on Vince McMahon thought it would be a great idea to host a brand new PPV in Montreal where the Main Event are decided by some sort of submission stipulation. It makes me wonder if Vince is doing this one for ratings or just to wind people up…

With the mood set, lets get started…

ECW Championship
Christian (C) Vs William Regal

The tagline of this PPV states that all Main Events will have submission stipulations to them.and surprise-surprise, the ECW title match doesn’t have one. It’s that kind of treatment that shows the lack of respect and attention shown towards the ECW title. All Summerslam did was totally degrade William Regal as a challenger for the title. If the WWE want us to believe he is a threat to Christians ECW title then they need to have him and his two running boys dominating the show on ECW with Christian being the amazing face who just slips out the back door at the end of it all. I expect Christian to pull another fast one on Regal and picking up the win. Lets hope this one lasts longer than a few seconds.

Winner: Christian

Unified Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & Big Show (C) Vs MVP & Mark Henry

No stipulation again for this one, which doesn’t surprise me considering the lack of Tag Teams in the WWE. MVP and Mark Henry is just a random pairing for Jerishow to roll over. I do believe the Hart Dynasty will be in this position eventually, just not when DH Smith is running his mouth about how great he is. I expect this one to only go one way. I shall be speaking more about Jericho under the WWE title match.

Winner: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

Submissions Count Anywhere
D-Generation X Vs Legacy

What I am looking forward to most about this match is the reaction Shawn Michaels is going to get when he makes his entrance. He could very easily get a heel reaction automatically making Legacy the faces and having the King talking about how bizarre the Canadian crowd are. I am going to make a really wild prediction on this one because I think it would be rather cool if it actually played out like this. I can’t see anyone on the D-X team what might happen isTeddy puts on the Million Dollar Dream to HBK and somehowthe bell gets rung and Legacy with Shawn not actually submitting. Legacy need the win to assert themselves, if D-X do win again.then I can see Legacy coming to an end around Survivor Series with their team falling apart.

Winner: Legacy

Singapore Cane Match
Kane Vs The Great Khali

I didn’t think it was possible for me to have any less interest in this feud but the addition of the cane’s seem to of done it. It amazes me that Morrison and Ziggler were taken off the card and this pile of smurf if still there. This may have attracted more interest if the feud was between Khali and Show, we might actually see them beat the crap out of each other then, Khali is due a win and after the rumoured spat between him and Show apparently being Show’s fault.I think Khali will be on the winning end on the night, much to my chagrin.

Winner: The Great Khali

WWE Championship
I Quit Match
Randy Orton (C) Vs John Cena

Randy Orton Vs John  Cena..basically the WWE need to shake things up here. On Smackdown, by putting Punk in the main event picture they have allowed all the bigger faces to feud with him that haven’t done so already. Raw could do the same thing if they put the title on Jericho and threw everybody at him. Let me lay it out for you. Orton Vs Cena, Orton Vs HBK, Trips Vs Orton, Trips Vs HBK, Trips Vs Cena, HBK Vs Orton, HBK Vs Cena. We have seen all these combinations and we have seen them on more than one occasion with dragged out storylines in some cases. By putting Jericho as Champion, it allows for a feud against Orton, Trips, Big Show, Cena and potentially Edge when he returns among others such as Batista or even Swagger. Now I know that Jericho has had mini feuds with some of these before, but the one with Orton lasted a month, then was dropped, and the other he hasn’t feud with since his first run in the WWE. We all know Jericho is capable of carrying the show.the fans hate him more than Orton and it would make for great entertainment with any of the above, if his feud with HBK taught us anything it was that. With my rant over…I think the bore-fest that is John Cena as Champion will begin yet again at Breaking Point.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Submission Match
CM Punk (C) Vs The Undertaker

This is going to be a tough one and probably the match of the night, which is why I am putting it down as the Main Event. Punk has only just got the title back but Taker is only just back and ideally too strong, added that this is a submission match and Taker pretty much has this in the bag with his triangle choke. If there was going to be any swerve during the night then it would have to be during this match to ensure Punk somehow gets the victory over Taker.but realistically I don’t see it happening. I’m going to have to go with Taker unless Vince comes down and rings the bell.

Winner: The Undertaker

Rey Mysterio’s Suspension

Very unfortunate for Rey to be in this situation; by my count that’s two strikes on Rey and a third would see him packing. That wouldn’t be the end of the world for Rey because he could make just as much money, if not more working in Mexico.

I would class myself as a fairly big Rey fan, I think what he can do in the ring is something very few people can do and you have to respect him for being able to do what he’s done for such a small guy in what has mostly always been a big guy sport.

I’m sure the Internet world isn’t aware of the full facts, and what is said by the WWE and Rey are both their sides of the story. In my opinion I believe the WWE were in the wrong if they did in fact give Rey too little notice knowing he was doing promotional work for Summerslam elsewhere. At the time WWE announced  Rey’s suspension, despite the appeal, I believe the WWE had every intension of going through with it, and I’ll tell you why. If the WWE had of reversed their decision after making it public, then it would point to flaws in the Wellness Policy even if it was only a simple matter of too little notice. This would still be a serious matter no matter how little it may be. The Wellness Policy is taken very seriously as the WWE’s image is at stake and as Vince has said on many occasions, ‘No one person is bigger than the company’. To protect their image the WWE had to go through with it, for that I can’t blame them, hopefully now it will be handled better in the future and Rey won’t be punished push wise when he returns. If he does.then questions should start being asked.

one to watch

David Hart Smith

Real Name: Harry Smith
Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1986 (age 23)
WWE Debut: 2007

David Hart Smith, a member of the new Hart Dynasty and son of the legendary ‘British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith. That makes his a proud member of the Hart family with his mother being Diana Hart, sister of the legendary Bret and Owen Hart.

Harry wasn’t actually trained in the hard dungeon like the previous Harts have been. Before the WWE he was trained by Bruce Hart (Brets Brother) and his father Davey Boy. Personally I don’t believe that Harry has that superstar look that his father had.nor do I think he’s anywhere near that standard at this point in time. Davey Boy was never a Main Event player so to speak in the WWE, but he did have very successful runs with the IC, European and Tag Team Titles. Those sorts of achievements aren’t out of Harry’s reach, but what he does need to do is start putting his ego back into its box. He seems to be of the impression that he is the next big thing because he’s a member of the Hart family..bearing in mind that he wanted to be a part of Legacy and not The Hart Dynasty.

In my opinion Tyson Kid has more raw ability than Harry but that doesn’t mean that Harry hasn’t got what it takes. He’s a big guy who should be able to work the power/agility game similar to his father. If Harry can work solely on his Tag Team with Tyson Kid and learn from the experience then he could be a player in years to come. I will however right now say that of all the WWE talent on the main rosters who are second or third generation stars, he is the weakest.

However, with the right training, gimmick and attitude adjustment, I believe Harry Smith could be better than his father, put the Hart Dynasty in there with Big Show and Jericho.let’s see how quickly he’ll learn then.

Quote of the Week!!

Bob Barker on RAW:

Bob Barker: Thank you for that wonderful welcome. I wish I had a refrigerator for every one of you.

It’s time for another ‘Good Idea, Bad Idea!’

good idea bad idea

Good Idea  

* Having Trish Stratus as the guest host on Raw..Best Idea ever!!!!!

Bad Idea

* Keeping the Chavo / Hornswoggle storyline going and having Evan Bourne involvedthis needs to end.

This is the break-down of how I see things at the moment. As I said in the previous blog, I am taking a lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage going’s on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic. In the next edition I shall be adding which superstars have climbed/dropped on the ladder as well as new entries.





1. Randy Orton (WWE Champion)

1. CM Punk (World Heavyweight Champion)

1. Christian (ECW Champion)

1. Mickie James (Divas Champion)

2. John Cena

2. Matt Hardy

2. Sheamus

2. Michelle McCool

3. Chris Jericho & Big Show

3. John Morrison

3. Hurricane Helms

3. Gail Kim

4. D-Generation X

4. Rey Mysterio

4. William Regal

4. Beth Phoenix

5. Legacy

5. The Undertaker

5. Shelton Benjamin

5. Natalya

6. Mark Henry

6. Dolph Ziggler

6. Jack Ryder

6. Kelly Kelly

7. MVP

7. The Hart Dynasty

7. Goldust

7. Maria

8. Kofi Kingston

8. Cryme Tyme

8. Vladimir Zozlov / Ezekiel Jackson

8. Eve

9. Jack Swagger

9. Kane

9. Tommy Dreamer

9. Katie Lea Burchill

10. Chris Masters

10. The Great Khali

10. Yoshi Tatsu

10. Layla

Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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