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WWE Breaking Point 2009 Detailed Results

The debut edition of WWE Breaking Point came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Quick Match Results

  • Unified Tag Team Championship: Big Show & Chris Jericho (c) def. MVP & Mark Henry by Chris Jericho (c) pinning Mark Henry following the Knockout Punch by Big Show (c) to retain.
  • United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz by pin following Trouble In Paradise to retain.
  • Submissions Count Anywhere: Legacy def. D-Generation X by Shawn Michaels submitting to a ring post-aided Million Dollar Dream/Figure-4 Leg Lock double team submission by Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.
  • Singapore Cane Match: Kane def. The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh) by pin following the Big Red Chokeslam.
  • ECW Championship: Christian (c) def. William Regal by pin following the Killswitch to retain.
  • WWE Championship: "I Quit" Match: John Cena def. Randy Orton (c) to win the WWE Title.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Submission Match: CM Punk (c) def. The Undertaker by "submission" (see "Detailed Results") to the Anaconda Vise to retain.

Match Quality

  1. WWE Championship
  2. Submissions Count Anywhere
  3. World Heavyweight Championship
  4. ECW Championship
  5. United States Championship
  6. Unified Tag Team Championship
  7. Singapore Cane Match

Detailed Results

On what would promise to be an unforgettable night in the WWE, the Unified Tag Team Titles were up for grabs in the opening contest as champions Big Show & Chris Jericho continued their reign by defeating MVP & Mark Henry; utilizing Big Show’s devastating right hand to score the win and keep the titles. With MVP & Mark Henry out of the way, who will be the next team to challenge Big Show & Chris Jericho for the Unified Tag Team Titles?

"The Jamaican Sensation" Kofi Kingston was somehow able to defeat The Miz and retain the United States Title in a hard-fought match. Is there any one man that can defeat the exciting United States Champion Kofi Kingston?

At the first ever WWE Breaking Point, there was the first ever Submissions Count Anywhere match as D-Generation X squared off with Legacy. Both teams were put through the ringer in this contest as DX and Legacy fought and locked in submissions all over the Bell Centre in Montreal. At one point in the match up, Cody Rhodes was able to take Shawn Michaels out of the equation by delivering a back drop to "The Showstopper" from the stands to the floor below! Once he saw the destruction of his partner and friend, Triple H unleashed an anger-fueled attack on both members of Legacy. However, the numbers game eventually got to Triple H and it led to Ted DiBiase blasting "The Game" with a cooler; which left Triple H completely knocked out in the backstage area! In the meantime, Shawn Michaels was able to get to his feet and tried to combat Legacy on his own, but Legacy’s well-placed plan soon came to fruition as Rhodes locked in the Figure-4 Leg Lock on Michaels; using the ring post for extra leverage! DiBiase then joined in and locked the Million Dollar Dream onto Shawn Michaels! With so much pain coursing through his already battered body, Shawn Michaels had no choice but to tap out, which gave Legacy the biggest win of their careers! Legacy exploited the prior injuries of D-Generation X and it ended with Legacy’s hands raised in victory over the veteran Superstars. What kind of condition is DX in following such a grueling match and what will the controversial duo have to say about their loss to Legacy? What is the next step for Legacy now that they have defeated DX?

Two monsters clashed at Breaking Point as "The Big Red Monster" Kane defeated The Great Khali in a Singapore Cane Match with a huge chokeslam to his large adversary! Is this the end of the feud between these two?

Then it was time for the ECW Championship to be decided as the champion, Christian, defended against William Regal, with Regal’s "Ruthless Roundtable" in his corner. However, after Regal and his cohorts entered the ring, they learned that ECW General Manager Tiffany had ruled that Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson were banned from ringside! Even without his large backup, Regal dominated much of the match against "Captain Charisma", but in the end, it was Christian hitting the Killswitch on Regal to hang on to the ECW Title! What is next for William Regal and his "Ruthless Roundtable"? Will Regal continue to pursue the ECW Championship? Who will be the next man to challenge Christian for the ECW Title?

Breaking Point featured a special appearance by Montreal’s own, Hall of Famer Pat Patterson! The first Intercontinental Champion in WWE history spoke of his monumental title win and even spoke French to the French-Canadian fans in attendance! However, things turned sour for the legend when the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title, Dolph Ziggler, came out. Ziggler tried to introduce himself to the Hall of Famer, but Patterson tells Dolph that he already knows who he is and tells the #1 Contender that if Dolph is "lucky enough", he will win the Intercontinental Title someday. Showing no respect to the legendary competitor, Dolph called Patterson a "senior citizen" and that he thought that Pat was "dead"! Ziggler then showed physical disrespect by shoving Patterson and calls the proud legend a "coward" before delivering a cheap kick to the mid-section of the Hall of Famer. Ziggler was getting ready to do more damage to Patterson, but Intercontinental Champion John Morrison came to the rescue of the first Intercontinental Champion, which prompted Ziggler to leave the ring! In a sign of respect to one of the men who paved the way for him, Morrison raised the hand of Pat Patterson in the middle of the ring.

Then it was time for the much-anticipated "I Quit" Match for the WWE Championship as "The Viper" Randy Orton defended the gold against a determined John Cena. The WWE Champion dominated a lot of the contest as "The Viper" focused his attacks on the injured skull of John Cena. Orton then reveals a pair of handcuffs and proceeds to handcuff Cena to the ropes and then the ring post; with the keys to the handcuffs around the neck of Orton! With Cena helplessly handcuffed, Orton administered serious torture to Cena, which included open shots to the ribs and head of Cena. Orton then brought out a Singapore cane and delivered shot after shot to the mid-section and skull of John Cena. Through all of this torture and decimation, Cena still refused to say the words "I Quit"! However, Cena was eventually able to backdrop Orton and get the keys from "The Viper" and then Cena handcuffed himself to Orton! With nowhere to go for Orton, Cena dragged Orton into the ring as Orton immediately reached for the keys. With escape just out of his reach, Orton struggled to get the keys, but Cena used the handcuffs to lock in a modified version of his STF which was painful enough to force Orton to give it up and say "I Quit"! With those two words, John Cena was once again a top the mountain as the WWE Champion! Now a six-time World Champion, "The Champ" was truly in Montreal and finally got his revenge on "The Viper" for everything Orton has done to Cena. "The Champ" is back, but how will Orton respond to losing his beloved WWE Championship? When will Orton get his rematch for the gold?

Then it was time for the World Heavyweight Championship to be decided in a Submission Match as "The Straightedge Champion" CM Punk defended the title against "The Demon of Death Valley" The Undertaker. CM Punk looked impressive against the immortal "Phenom", but the veteran Undertaker was able to lock in Hell’s Gate on the champion, which forced Punk to immediately tap out! With his dominant submission hold, Hell’s Gate, The Undertaker reclaimed the World Heavyweight Championship and would once again "cast his shadow over SmackDown"! However, Undertaker’s celebration was short-lived as SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long came out and stated that Hell’s Gate was banned from the WWE a while ago by then General Manager Vickie Guerrero! With his stunning decree, Long ordered that the match continue. As Undertaker still processed what had just occurred, CM Punk blind-sided Undertaker and the match continued! CM Punk then managed to lock in the Anaconda Vise on "The Phenom", but as quick as the hold was applied, the referee was as quick in ringing the bell for the submission without Undertaker submitting! After his highway robbery, CM Punk quickly distanced himself from a confused and irate Undertaker. As CM Punk celebrated his controversial title retention, a stoic Theodore Long stood next to the champion. Long had promised to have something "excellent" for Mr. McMahon at Breaking Point, but is this what the Chairman had in mind? What repercussions will Theodore Long suffer from, not only WWE management, but from The Undertaker? Was this a carefully laid out plan by CM Punk and Theodore Long or did Punk take advantage of circumstance? There are a lot of questions to be answered by Theodore Long; what kind of explanation will the GM have for the fans and for The Undertaker?