CBlog XLV – Jeff Hardy, Linda McMahon, TNA Releases and more!

Hello. After taking a hiatus from my CBlog (not yours) due to personal issues and by ‘personal issues’, I mean laziness, I am back to do the CBlog! I hope you enjoy my thoughts here and you can contact me or just follow me on my Twitter account at: Wrestling101.
Now, with that said, I won’t be really picking up where I left off around May or whenever it was. I will just continue this as if I never left. I have some thoughts on the big stories in wrestling today; like Jeff Hardy getting arrested and Linda McMahon stepping down as the CEO of the WWE. I will also be lending my thoughts on the surprising TNA release of BG James and Jim Cornette. Plus oh so much more. So, let’s get this CBlog started, shall we?
Let’s start with one of the big stories (if not the biggest) in wrestling today- the arrest of Jeff Hardy. When I read about Jeff’s arrest, a lot of things came to mind; like anger and disappointment. During Jeff’s feud with CM Punk, I kind of turned on being a Jeff Hardy fan. With how awesome Punk is as a heel, how could you not?
Jeff’s arrest made me realize that Jeff is always going to be a drug addict and will never allow anyone to help him for it. I hate to say things like this, but Jeff is on the path to being the next “wrestling tragedy” and that is very unfortunate. Word is is that Jeff may face up to 14 years in prison for his charges. I am on the fence (no pun intended) about whether some time in prison would be good for Jeff or not. On the one hand, Jeff would be locked away from his world of drugs and may actually rehab himself while there. On the other hand, a lot of people take their own lives in prison as well and being off of the drugs he is on could really send Jeff into a major depression. This is one of those things that everyone will have to just wait and see what happens with it.
With his arrest, I can’t see WWE ever hiring him again and that sucks, but if I was WWE management, I would not hire him either. Jeff has had umpteen chances in his life to get clean and has always fell back on his habits. Jeff would have a better chance of returning to TNA, but the question is- would even TNA want him in their company again?
Moving on to my thoughts on WWE CEO (and wife of Vince McMahon) stepping down from her job to pursue a seat in the U.S. Senate representing the state of Connecticut. My thoughts are fairly simple on the matter: go for it. If she believes that she can win, then she can. I can see her fellow politicians condemning her for being the former CEO of the WWE, but let’s face it, there are politicians out there doing a lot worse things than being the former CEO of a wrestling organization.
Now to the releases of BG James and Jim Cornette: I was surprised to learn of these two getting released as they are two veterans of TNA. Later I read that they were released by TNA as an on-going effort to rid the company of anyone who has a close relationship with Jeff Jarrett. Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of Jeff Jarrett? That’s the big question here. Probably not, seeing as Jeff has a lot of power in TNA, to say the least.
Now, being a WWE fan (and a bit of a selfish one at that), I would like to see BG James back in the WWE. As for Jim Cornette, it would not be as big of a deal for me, though I do think he deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame someday (as does James for that matter).
Another big story that I wanted to give a couple of thoughts about is WWE taking talent from ROH. It’s kind of an interesting situation as I am amped up to see Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness in the WWE, but then I get to thinking about how guys like Evan Bourne have been treated. On the other hand, CM Punk is doing well, to say the least. I honestly believe that having Danielson & McGuinness start out on ECW would be the best thing for them. Perhaps on SmackDown, but definetly not RAW. At least not yet. If they get thrown on RAW too quick, they will start to sink (again, Evan Bourne). I would love to see Tyler Black in the WWE, as well.
I do not really blame the WWE for basically “raiding” the talent of ROH as these are guys who have at least wrestled on nationwide television before, not to mention that they are better known and better competitors than the talent in FCW. It seems to me that ROH kind of did themselves in by moving to Monday Nights; airing right before RAW as it made the WWE pay more attention to their product and start plucking some talent from their roster.
ROH has given statements full of positive statements and “good luck” wishes, but we know that’s not what they are really thinking; let’s just say it’s probably the opposite of positive.
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Hope you enjoyed this edition of the CBlog and I hope you read it again as I will be doing them regularly once again. Peace.

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There are just a few things that I would like to say in reference to the judgement that you have taken upon yourself to hand down to Jeff Hardy.
One, the only one that has a right to pass any type of judgment is the Good Lord himself. Two, until you yourself can prove that you are perfect then please spare all of us with the boredom of you obsurd opinions.
I am not by any means condoning the actions of Jeff Hardy. In fact his actions will have very unfortunate consequences not only with inside himself but legally as well. Enabling Jeff will not do any service to himself or those close to him, however the worse any of us can do is pass down judgement, lock him up throwing away the key without ever allowing Jeff to heal and recieve the help that he so obviously desparately needs. Having worked with individuals in rehab I have obtained several facts: drugs always find their way into even the tightest of secure prisons, the system does not care nor are there enough drug rehabilitation programs available to inmates. How would you feel if someone just gave up on you?
Maybe another solution to the problem is to stop putting so much pressure on athletes and celebrities alike to be perfect on the pedestals that society has placed them on. Please remember they are human to.
They are people just like you and I are that have baggage, demons, self-esteem issues and whatever you’d like to call it.
Jeff Hardy is a good man and a person. He has always taken the time to meet with his fans especially children. As a matter of fact when he was in Arizona, he took the time to talk with my son as well as have his picture taken with him.
I pray that Jeff Hardy gets the help and support that he needs. And remember those who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

I usually let things pass like this, but there are some things that I feel that I need to point out to you:
First- do you know me? No, you don’t, so don’t talk about me as if you do.
Second- I do agree that Jeff would get the drugs even if imprisoned, but he still would not have the freedom to use them. No one can really predict what would happen to him in prison.
Third- It does not matter if it is Jeff Hardy or Barack Obama or Charlie Sheen; any one who is any sort of spotlight is open to criticism. That is what the internet is about.
Thanks for reading my blog ;).

I wholeheartedly agree with Katherine. you nor anyone has the right to judge Hardy.There are so many people with drug related issues, but because he is a celebrity he is being judged so harshly, and its not fair. Once again, i dnt do drugs and I wish the world was drug free. But if you care to look, you will see Jeff is a really good and talented “and intellegent guy. I noticed that “they” are exploiting his arrest and his drug problem and its wrong!! Leave the guy alone. If you have something to say, say something positive, not negative. I honestly pray that Hardy wont become another statistic, and that god sends him an angel and opens his eyes. I personally think that Jeff lacks something and some guidance in his life, thats why he reverts to drugs everytime. But im thinking about you Jeff. God is the only one who can help you. God bless you and every person thats battling the demons of drug usage.

WWE will hire Jeff again, just because he has a problem wth drugs don’t mean anything, he will return!

I just want to say that nobody is perfect, we all have our fault some more serious than others, so why kick a man when he’s down. I have never done drugs, but I wouldn’t sit in judgement on somebody who has. Let’s not forget that Jeff Hardy has done a lot for wrestling and what he needs more than anything now is to know that his fans are there for him.

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