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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Rey Mysterio, Jim Ross, Scott Hall and More…

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
One of the big rumors that have been going around recently involves the suspension of Rey Mysterio. One states that Rey being suspended by the WWE was really a way for them to punish Rey for speaking out against Chavo Guerrero’s treatment on RAW as of late and that the drug test failure was just part of the reason. Initially, some people were saying it was Big Show, then Rey Mysterio’s name came up as Rey & Chavo are good friends. There is also the rumor that Hornswoggle may have said something about it. Whatever happened, it appears as if WWE has ended the angle, judging by what happened on RAW.
Would SmackDown Color Commentator Jim Ross be jumping to TNA? After this was reported, rumors started swirling that J.R. may have considered this (despite him stating otherwise) move to TNA because he was being forced to work with Todd Grisham on SmackDown. I am not saying whether this is the truth or not, but I cite last Friday’s SmackDown as my proof. J.R. came across as annoyed when commentating with Grisham.
Former WWE, WCW, & TNA star Scott Hall was interviewed a while back and Hall expressed interest in coming back to the WWE as a commentator. After this interview was released, a rumor started that WWE contacted Scott Hall and informed him that if he lost weight, then they would bring him in as a commentator if or when Jerry “The King” Lawler leaves the company.
In a smaller rumor, it has been said that WWE Diva Courtney Taylor may be moved to SmackDown. Taylor made her debut on ECW in the middle of August as a backstage interviewer. However, after her first appearance, she has not been seen on television since. About a week or two later, Savannah made her debut as a backstage interviewer. Again, this is just speculation, but the word around the internet is that WWE decided th replace Courtney Taylor with Savannah since Taylor bears resemblance to the ECW General Manager Tiffany. With Eve Torres really becoming more of a full-time wrestler than a backstage interviewer, there has been talk of Courtney Taylor filling that spot. As it stands, ECW Play-by-Play commentator Josh Mathews has been serving as a backstage interviewer for both RAW & SmackDown, in addition to his duties on ECW and this would give Mathews less of a demanding schedule.
It was reported yesterday that SmackDown Superstar and former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali has suffered another knee injury and will have to take time off to recover. Khali has had knee problems for several years now and this is the second time he has taken time off to deal with it. Allegedly, WWE is getting tired of Khali’s knee injuries and is considering the possibility of releasing Khali from his contract. An angle was shot on SmackDown to explain Khali’s absence, but word is is that he may not be returning.
There is also a rumor circulating that WWE may turn “The Abraham Washington Show” into a exclusive as opposed to airing the show on ECW. This rumor seems to have some merit since the show has not aired for a few weeks now.
This is not so much a rumor as it has a high likelihood of happening, but it’s being said that Matt Hardy will be taking time off to support his brother, Jeff, during his court proceedings (Jeff’s scheduled to appear in court on September 30). Whether this will happen or not is yet to be seen, but Matt Hardy was backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, but did not appear on the show.
There is a Chris Masters rumor going around that WWE may be regretting rehiring “The Masterpiece”. No reason as to why, but he has been appearing on WWE Superstars more than he has on RAW as of late.
It’s being speculated that WWE plans to make some main roster releases soon. They have recently released a group of developmental talent, but they may be cutting some talent from RAW, SmackDown, and/or ECW. Some of the names on the “chopping block” include: Tyler Reks, Kung Fu Naki, Festus, Slam Master J, Charlie Haas, and Tommy Dreamer (in addition to the rumored release of Khali above).
There is speculation in and out of the WWE that Carl De Marco opting to leave the WWE as the head of WWE Canada may have more to it than originally thought. There is no word on what transpired, but some believe that there was some sort of argument with a notable behind-the-scenes employee.
That’s all for “The Rumor Mill” this time around. Make sure to check back here regularly for the latest wrestling rumors.
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