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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Batista, BG James, Jerry Lawler, and More…

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
The Informant has received word that the recently returned Batista requested his move to SmackDown so that he could have his final match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.
It’s being said that Carlito’s recent hair growth is not a result of his heel turn a while back, but that the former Unified Tag Team Champion is, once again, unhappy with his role in the WWE and has an uncaring attitude both in the ring and backstage and that the angle splitting the Primo & Carlito team up was a result of Carlito wanting to compete as a singles star.
Eric Bischoff may be one of the inductees into the 2010 Hall of Fame since WrestleMania XXVI will be held in Glendale, AZ which is close to Bischoff’s hometown of Phoenix. Speaking of Vince, it’s being passed around that Vince might finally let “Macho Man” Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame this coming year. Jake “The Snake” Roberts is another name being thrown around.
Allegedly, the TNA release of BG James has gotten the attention of, not only Vince McMahon, but Triple H as well. It seems as though Vince & Triple H have been discussing a role for James in the company; even going as far to discuss BG James being a future replacement for Shawn Michaels in DX. While Jim Cornette was also released from TNA, the WWE has no interest whatsoever in bringing him back into the company.
While Jim Ross has recently denied that Jerry “The King” Lawler will be leaving his post as Color Commentator on RAW if elected the mayor of Memphis, the general feeling within the company is that Lawler would have no choice but to leave RAW if elected as the mayor of Memphis would not be able to travel around the world.
WWE Legend Jesse Ventura, the host of the new show on TruTV called “Conspiracy Theory”, has been rumored to be a future Guest Host of RAW whenever RAW heads to Minneapolis, MN; the hometown of the wrestler turned politician turned television personality.
After learning of the 0.4 drop in the RAW rating this week, Vince McMahon has been putting extra pressure on the writers for Monday Night RAW to improve the second half of the show as the premiere of “The Jay Leno Show” at 10/9c on Monday has hurt the viewership of RAW. Vince is allegedly unhappy with NBC Universal executives deciding to put a new show featuring Jay Leno up against the second half of RAW. NBC executives responded by offering Vince the chance to showcase one of the RAW Superstars (most likely John Cena) on Leno’s new show in the future. No word on Vince’s response to the offer.
With Rey Mysterio allowed to return from his 30-day suspension on or after October 1, the writers are trying to come up with a plan to have Mysterio return at the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4. It is likely that, if Rey returns at the pay-per-view, that it will somehow be connected to the Intercontinental Title match.
-The Informant-