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WWE Monday Night RAW September 21, 2009 Detailed Results

The 852nd edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, AR.

Quick Match Results

  • Triple H (with Shawn Michaels) def. Cody Rhodes (with Ted DiBiase) by DQ after Ted DiBiase interfered.
  • The Miz def. Evan Bourne by pin following the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Non-Title: Beth Phoenix (with Alicia Fox) def. Mickie James by pin with the Glam Slam.
  • United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) & Jack Swagger fight to a No Contest after Jack Swagger walks off with the title belt; Kofi Kingston (c) retains.
  • Special Referee- Santino Marella: Cedric The Entertainer (with Hornswoggle & a masked wrestler) def. Chavo Guerrero by pin following the Tadpole Splash by Hornswoggle.
  • 6-Man Tag: Randy Orton, Big Show, & Chris Jericho def. John Cena, MVP, & Mark Henry by Randy Orton pinning Mark Henry following the RKO.

Match Quality

  1. Triple H Vs. Cody Rhodes
  2. Randy Orton, Big Show, & Chris Jericho Vs. John Cena, MVP, & Mark Henry
  3. The Miz Vs. Evan Bourne
  4. United States Championship
  5. Beth Phoenix Vs. Mickie James
  6. Cedric The Entertainer Vs. Chavo Guerrero

Detailed Results

Before RAW officially got underway, Guest Host Cedric The Entertainer was shown arriving to the Verizon Arena. The legendary actor and comedian was flanked by the beautiful Bella Twins, who accompanied Cedric into the arena!

With the Guest Host in the building, RAW got underway and it kicked off with a one-on-one match between D-Generation X member Triple H and Legacy’s Cody Rhodes! Before the match got underway, DX reminded Legacy that both of them are experienced Hell in a Cell competitors, while Legacy has never been in such a brutal match before. Triple H then proclaimed that the rivarly between DX and Legacy will "end" inside Hell in a Cell!

The match then got underway, but in the middle of the bout, Triple H threw Cody Rhodes to the outside of the ring and when Rhodes recovered, the brash second-generation Superstar slapped Shawn Michaels on the outside. An enraged HBK then gave chase to Rhodes and ducked an attack by Ted DiBiase on the outside. Michaels then turned his attention to DiBiase and, with Triple H still down in the ring, Cody Rhodes blindsided Michaels and both members of Legacy launched HBK onto the top of the announce table, then Rhodes & DiBiase hit the double team high-low on Michaels; leaving "The Showstopper" down on the outside. With one-half of DX out of the equation, Rhodes got back into the ring, but was met by Triple H who set Rhodes up for the Pedigree. However, before Triple H could deliver the Pedigree, Ted DiBiase blasted Triple H with a steel chair shot that left "The Game" laid out! Legacy then continued their decimation of DX by Cody Rhodes hitting his patented Cross Rhodes maneuver on Triple H, followed by Ted DiBiase hitting Dream Street as well. The devious Legacy then wrapped the steel chair around the neck of Triple H, but, luckily for "The Game", Shawn Michaels had recovered and pulled a sledgehammer out from under the ring! HBK then chased Legacy out of the ring and helped Triple H to his feet. What kind of brutality will occur in just under two weeks when D-Generation X and Legacy go to war inside the demonic Hell in a Cell? When the rivarly comes to an end, will DX continue their reign or will Legacy make sure that a new day dawns in the wake of DX’s demise?

Guest Host Cedric The Entertainer then makes an appearance and says that he is a "real WWE fan"! After poking some fun at the Superstars of RAW, Santino Marella comes out to meet Cedric. Santino reveals that Cedric is the inspiration for Santino’s dream of being a stand-up comedian. The gracious Guest Host allows Santino to do some of his stand-up, but after Santino bombed, Cedric stopped Santino and advised Santino to stick to his day job. Chavo Guerrero then interrupts and, after Cedric & Santino have a good laugh at the expense of Chavo and his less than stellar record against Hornswoggle, Chavo calls Cedric a "punk Guest Host" and states that he is forced to have matches with Hornswoggle where he is put in a position where he can not win. "The Mexican Warrior" then challenges Cedric to a match on RAW! Before an apprehensive Cedric can reply, Santino steps in and accepts the match on behalf of the Guest Host! How can Cedric possibly combat a veteran wrestler like Chavo Guerrero? Does Cedric and Santino have a plan to keep Cedric in one piece?

Backstage, The Miz, holding Kofi Kingston’s United States Title belt that he stole last week, was being interviewed. Miz proclaimed that he had the title belt because he will be the United States Champion soon anyways. Miz also states that the United States Title should be held from someone "from the United States". Miz was then was blind-sided by Kofi Kingston, who took his title belt back!

The Miz was also in action on RAW as he squared off with the high-flying Evan Bourne and, after Bourne missed his signature Air Bourne maneuver, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale to pick up the win! How will The Miz respond to Kofi getting his belt back?

Backstage, Randy Orton meets up with Legacy and "The Viper" tells his protégés that they can take the night off! Orton then states that he can handle the contract signing on his own.

Then it was time to make the Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship official as WWE Champion John Cena and challenger Randy Orton would have a contract signing for the match. "The Viper" Randy Orton was introduced first, followed by "The Champ" John Cena. The moderator of the contract signing, Jerry "The King" Lawler, revealed that there is a "no physicality" rule in effect for the contract signing. Orton is the first to sign the contract and, after signing, Orton orders Jerry Lawler to leave the ring. "The Viper" then warns John Cena that he has never been more "dangerous" than he will be inside Hell in a Cell and that he knows "what it takes" to succeed inside the satanic structure. Orton then declares that Cena will "never be the same" after Hell in a Cell. "The Champ" responds by reminding Orton that he forced "The Viper" to say the words "I Quit" at Breaking Point and that he has no reason to fear Orton’s threats. Cena then signs the contract to make the match official and tells Orton that the Hell in a Cell Match will be Orton’s last shot at the WWE Championship. The WWE Champion then states that Orton should be "worried" about what Cena is capable of inside Hell in a Cell and then vows to "destroy" Orton inside the Cell! An irate Orton then responds by telling Cena that he wishes he could RKO Cena through the table in between them, but that he found some familiar enemies that would be glad to get a piece of Cena. This brought out the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho. Big Show emptied the ring of the table and chairs with ease before both tag champions commenced the beat down of John Cena. However, Cena was quickly saved by MVP & Mark Henry who rushed to the aid of the WWE Champion and ran the Unified Tag Team Champions out of the ring! Guest Host Cedric The Entertainer then appeared and made a huge 6-Man Tag Match for the main event as WWE Champion John Cena would team with "The Franchise Player" MVP & "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry to face the team of "The Viper" Randy Orton and the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho!

With her #1 Contender, Alicia Fox, at ringside, Divas Champion Mickie James was in a non-title match against familiar foe Beth Phoenix. When the action spilled to the outside, it was a distraction by Alicia Fox that allowed "The Glamazon" to take advantage and end up pinning the Divas Champion! After costing Mickie the match, Alicia Fox then laid Mickie out with the Fox Kick! When will these two Divas do battle over the Divas Title and who will emerge victorious?

The United States Championship was up for grabs on RAW as champion Kofi Kingston, now with his title belt back in his possession, defended the gold against "The All-American American" Jack Swagger. During the match, The Miz made his way to ringside and, once again, stole the United States Title belt! However, Swagger caught The Miz and blasted Miz with a clothesline on the outside of the ring. Swagger then picked up the belt and "The All-American American" then walked off with the title belt; abandoning the championship match!

After all the thievery and bold claims over recent weeks, it will all be settled at WWE Hell in a Cell as Kofi Kingston defends the United States Championship in a Triple Threat Match against The Miz & Jack Swagger! Who will walk out of the Prudential Center on October 4 with the championship belt, knowing they are the true United States Champion?

Then it was time for Cedric The Entertainer’s big moment as the Guest Host was set to go one-on-one with Chavo Guerrero. However, before the match, it was revealed that Santino Marella would serve as the Special Referee for the match! Cedric then made his way to the ring in some peculiar wrestling gear and, before starting the match, put a luchadore style mask on! Cedric quickly exited the ring after the opening bell and crawled under the ring. Thinking he had Cedric’s plan all figured out, Chavo went to the opposite side of the ring and waited for Cedric to emerge. However, when Cedric did come out from under the ring, the legendary stand-up comedian was somehow taller, leaner, meaner, and a more experienced wrestler! This miraculously improved Cedric then took it to Chavo in the middle of the ring and left Chavo laying before going back underneath the ring. Dressed as "little Cedric", Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and hit the Tadpole Splash on Chavo before going under the ring! Finally, the real Cedric emerged and actually pinned Chavo to pick up the win in his debut match! After his "triumphant" win, Cedric celebrated in the ring with the masked monster that assisted him and the "little Cedric", Hornswoggle, who put the finishing touches on Chavo! How will Chavo respond to once again being humiliated by, not just Hornswoggle, but one of the Guest Hosts?

It was announced on RAW that, when RAW comes to Albany next week, Reverend Al Sharpton will be on hand as the Guest Host! What will happen when the former presidential candidate is in charge of Monday Night RAW?

It was a bittersweet night for RAW Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia, as one of the "Divas of the Decade" was going to move on with her life and career, but was also leaving her home of the last ten years; the WWE. An emotional Lilian stated that it has been a "privilege" being a part of the WWE for the past ten years and that it has been an "honor" to entertain the fans and announce some of the greatest matches in WWE history. Lilian then said that she is leaving, but her "heart belongs in the WWE". An emotive Lilian then waves goodbye to the fans as they chant "thank you, Lilian".

Before the 6-Man Tag Team main event got underway, Chris Jericho revealed that they had a "talk" with Guest Host Cedric The Entertainer and that Cedric added a special stipulation to the contest. The Unified Tag Team Champion then explained that, if their team loses, then Randy Orton must compete in a three man Gauntlet Match next week against MVP, Mark Henry, & WWE Champion John Cena! However, if John Cena’s team loses, then Cena must face Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, & Big Show in a three man Gauntlet Match!

With this surprising new stipulation, the 6-Man Tag Match got underway as the team of WWE Champion John Cena, MVP, & Mark Henry squared off with the team of Randy Orton and the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho. During the match, all hell broke loose as all of the combatants battled in and out of the ring. Among all the chaos, Chris Jericho got an instrumental chop block in on "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry which led to Randy Orton hitting a ring-rattling RKO on Henry to pin the big man and pick up the win for his team! With this all-important win, this places John Cena in a three-on-one Gauntlet Match on next week’s RAW! Just six days before he defends the WWE Championship inside the demonic Hell in a Cell, how can John Cena possibly survive a Gauntlet Match against Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, & Big Show? What kind of condition will the champion be in after next Monday?