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ECW on Syfy September 22, 2009 Detailed Results

The 172nd edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK.

Quick Match Results

  • Yoshi Tatsu def. Paul Burchill (with Katie Lea Burchill) by pin following the Buzzsaw Kick.
  • Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson def. Dustin Brady & Brandon Young (jobbers) by Ezekiel Jackson pinning Dustin Brady following Total Domination.
  • ECW Championship: Christian (c) def. Zack Ryder by pin following the Killswitch to retain.

Match Quality

  1. ECW Championship
  2. Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Paul Burchill
  3. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson Vs. Dustin Brady & Brandon Young

Detailed Results

ECW on Syfy kicked off with "The Abraham Washington Show" as WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas announced the arrival of the host of the show- Abraham Washington. The always confident Abraham Washington declared that his show was the "most critically-acclaimed late night television show" before bringing out his guest, "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus! Sheamus came out and Abe quickly put on sunglasses and made fun of Sheamus’ pale skin. "The Celtic Warrior" responded by referring to Abe’s show as "Sanford & Son". Abe then asked Sheamus about his budding rivalry with Shelton Benjamin. Sheamus explained that, a couple of weeks ago on ECW, he and Benjamin teamed up, but that Benjamin "stole" the victory following all of his "hard work". To dispute the claim, Abe brought out his second guest- "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin! After Abraham Washington referred to him as "hootie", Benjamin told the late night host that he is surprised that show has not been canceled yet. Benjamin then turns his attention to Sheamus and tells Sheamus that, in a tag team match, if one person wins then both members of the team win. "The Celtic Warrior" responded by telling Benjamin that "The Gold Standard" knows "nothing about honor". With some help from Abraham Washington, Shelton Benjamin showed a fake family tree of Sheamus featuring pictures of Carrot Top and Bobo The Clown. "The Celtic Warrior" took offense to the jokes and got in the face of Benjamin. For a brief moment, "The Gold Standard" turned his attention elsewhere and Sheamus blasted Benjamin! The two men then brawled all over the set of the show, bringing the show to a halt. Several members of security were finally able to separate the two Superstars. What will happen next in this heated rivalry between Sheamus & Shelton Benjamin?

Back with his sister, Katie Lea Burchill, at his side, "The Ripper" Paul Burchill was in action in the opening match in a losing effort to "The New Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshi Tatsu.

After the loss, Paul Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea Burchill, are shown walking back to the locker room, but Katie Lea is stopped by Gregory Helms. The mild-mannered reporter tried asking "The Seductive Sibling" about Paul’s loss, but was quickly blind-sided by "The Ripper" and left laying on the concrete as Paul ordered his sister to "stay away" from Helms! What lengths are Paul Burchill willing to go to prove his point that Gregory Helms and The Hurricane are the same person?

With William Regal accompanying them, the ever intimidating team of Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson were in action, picking up a dominant victory over Dustin Brady & Brandon Young with "Big Zeke" getting the pin over Dustin Brady following Total Domination. After the match was over, "The Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov laid Brandon Young out with the Iron Curtain! Is there any way to stop this behemoth team William Regal has assembled?

Speaking of William Regal, the 2008 King of the Ring confronted Goldust in the backstage area with Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov flanking him. Regal called Goldust a "joke" and proclaimed that he is the only one worthy of being the ECW Champion! What will happen this Thursday on WWE Superstars when "The Bizarre One" Goldust goes one-on-one with William Regal? What role will Kozlov & "Big Zeke" have in the outcome?

Then it was time for the much-anticipated main event as Christian defended his ECW Championship against new #1 Contender Zack Ryder. Despite a very valiant effort by "The Long Island Loudmouth", Christian was able to come out of the match with the ECW Title intact. Immediately after his successful title defense, William Regal came to the ring and referred to the title match that just took place as a "farce". Regal then declared that the "slate is clean" and it is only a "matter of time" until he is ECW Champion! Regal then put his hands on the ECW Title belt, which prompted "Captain Charisma" to attack Regal, who quickly backed out of the ring with a smile on his face! Despite the declaration by ECW General Manager Tiffany that Regal would not get a rematch for the ECW Championship, will William Regal find a way to put himself back in the #1 Contender’s spot? When will we see these two go head-to-head for round three?