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Sylvain Grenier Discusses Rene Dupree, Improving His Game, & Returning To WWE

Sylvain Grenier was recently on the Main Event radio show, here are the highlights:

On Rene Dupree: Rene has never been too organized in his life. Nothing has changed – I even stepped on my own pride and called him for my last show…I hope things are doing well for him but I don’t think we will ever work together again

On Developing His Skills: I was just talking with Chris Jericho at the Pay-Per-View, and I said man I did my career backwards. I did my first match in front of 20,000 people and my last match was in front of 250 people. And he said, Sly, if you can entertain 20 people than you can entertain 20,000. So I did a year in Montreal, now I’m going to be wrestling in New Brunswick, autograph signings in the States, and I’m going to be wrestling more in the states. Without TV time limits on the indy circuit, I was able to do whatever I want. I was able try stuff – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. So now if I go back to the WWE, I’ll be ready for the new challenge

On A WWE Return: I talked with them at Breaking Point, I had a good conversation with the people in charge, and it’s a matter of time until we could talk some more. I have a lot of things going on in Montreal though – I’m on RDS, I’m on TV every week, I have my own promotion now, I have my wrestling school happening. So I’m really busy but if WWE needs me I’ll be there for them. I brought one of my students and they really liked him and offered him a contract.