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TNA: New Knockout With Hall of Fame Connections Signed

The Wrestlelicious wrestling promotion has issued a press release announcing that TNA will be signing Lacey Von Erich of the famed Von Erich family to a contract. The press release notes the following: “In a landmark arrangement, Wrestlicious LLC has agreed to release Lacey Von Erich from her exclusive contract 45 days prior to its’ expiration.  This move will allow Lacey to pursue an immediate roster position with TNA Entertainment.  The third generation wrestler and actress made headlines by signing with the action/comedy television show “Wrestlicious” in mid 2008.

Under the Wrestlicious/TNA agreement, Lacey will continue to tape segments for Wrestlicious, and will appear as part of the ensemble cast in the series’ upcoming television episodes.  She is expected to debut on TNA “Impact” this week.”