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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Chris Hero, Yoshi Tatsu, Rev. Al Sharpton and More.

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
It’s being passed around within the WWE that having Rev. Al Sharpton serve as Guest Host this past Monday on RAW actually hurt the show more than helped it. It’s been reported that the official rating for RAW is a 3.1 rating, which is down from the 3.4 the show has gotten the two previous weeks. Even though NFL Monday Night Football almost always causes trouble for the ratings, many believe that the boycotting that took place due to Sharpton being on RAW was why the rating dropped. Many also believe that there are a lot of fans who dislike Sharpton and refused to tune in.
Speaking of Guest Hosts, it was announced on this week’s RAW that next week’s Guest Host will be Ben Roethlisberger from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Allegedly, WWE is looking to bring in “Big Ben” to try and lure NFL fans to the WWE product.
In an earlier edition, it was rumored that World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk might be receiving an on-screen bodyguard soon. In an update to the rumor, it looks as though this new bodyguard might be debuting this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell event. As previously mentioned, Festus is currently the top pick for the role.
It looks as though WWE is interested in another ROH star in addition to Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness, as it’s being rumored that WWE wants to bring “That Young Breakout Kid” Chris Hero into the company. It’s expected that WWE will present a contract to Chris Hero any day now.
Anyone who looks at the card for this Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell event will notice that there is no involvement from the ECW brand. Allegedly, this is because the decision-makers backstage believe that the feud between Christian and William Regal over the ECW Championship should come to a close on an episode of ECW on Syfy instead of being placed, and most likely out-shined, on the pay-per-view. The writers for the ECW brand have pushed to make the third match between Christian & Regal for the title a special one.
Also regarding the ECW brand, it appears as though ECW’s exclusion from pay-per-views may turn permanent before long. Discussions are currently on-going backstage as to whether or not ECW should be on pay-per-view or if ECW should just stick to having all their feuds culminate on ECW or on Superstars.
A lot of talk of the ECW brand in this one, but it’s being said backstage that one of the newest ECW Superstars, Yoshi Tatsu, is being looked at as a possibility for the next ECW Champion. The backstage feeling is that no one expected Tatsu to be as over as he is with the crowd and that he is one of the most promising stars to come out of the recent ECW debuts. When he originally was called up to the main roster, it was determined that he would remain at a certain level on ECW where he would be used occasionally, but not presented as a main star on the show. However, his unexpected popularity has made those backstage feel confident in Tatsu as the next ECW Champion. Time will tell.

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