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WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 Detailed Results

The inaugural edition of WWE Hell in a Cell came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Quick Match Results

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Hell in a Cell Match: The Undertaker def. CM Punk (c) by pin following the Tombstone Piledriver to win the World Heavyweight Title.
  • Intercontinental Championship: John Morrison (c) def. Dolph Ziggler by pin following Starship Pain to retain.
  • Divas Championship: Mickie James (c) def. Alicia Fox by pin following the Mickie-T to retain.
  • Unified Tag Team Championship: Big Show & Chris Jericho (c) def. Batista & Rey Mysterio by Big Show (c) pinning Rey Mysterio following the Knockout Punch to retain.
  • WWE Championship: Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton def. John Cena (c) by pin following the Punt to win the WWE Title.
  • Drew McIntyre def. R-Truth by pin following the Scot Drop.
  • United States Championship: Triple Threat: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz & Jack Swagger by pinning The Miz following the Swagger Bomb by Jack Swagger to retain.
  • Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match: D-Generation X def. Legacy by Shawn Michaels pinning Cody Rhode following a double-team Sweet Chin Music/sledgehammer shot.

Match Quality

  1. Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match
  2. WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match
  3. Unified Tag Team Championship
  4. Intercontinental Championship
  5. United States Championship
  6. World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match
  7. Drew McIntyre Vs. R-Truth
  8. Divas Championship

Detailed Results

As hell came to Newark, NJ for the inaugural WWE Hell in a Cell event, the event kicked off in a huge way with the World Heavyweight Championship as "The Straightedge Champion" CM Punk and his revenge-driven challenger, The Undertaker, would go to war inside the demonic Hell in a Cell. CM Punk had an impressive showing in his first Hell in a Cell Match by managing to slow down "The Phenom" with the timely assistance of the steel steps to the knee of The Undertaker. After slowing down Undertaker, CM Punk waylaid "The Deadman" with a steel chair shot! Despite the abuse dished out by CM Punk, The Undertaker was able to come back with a strong comeback and hit Punk with the Tombstone Piledriver to win his seventh World Championship! The Undertaker did as he vowed to do; he took the World Heavyweight Championship of CM Punk. Now that The Undertaker has cast his shadow over SmackDown as the champion, who will step up to challenge "The Deadman"? Will CM Punk be seeking his rematch?

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as John Morrison defended the gold against the #1 Contender, Dolph Ziggler. The confident #1 Contender dominated much of the match against the champion, but in the end, it was "The Guru of Greatness" who landed Starship Pain on Ziggler to retain his Intercontinental Championship!

After being a thorn in her side for weeks, Mickie James finally took it to her #1 Contender, Alicia Fox, and retained her Divas Championship!

Four former World Champions would do battle as Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho defended the gold against their toughest challengers to date; the team of former WWE Tag Team Champions, Batista & Rey Mysterio. In a tag team match that can only be described as chaotic, it looked like Rey would make a triumphant return by earning the tag titles for himself and Batista, but Big Show and his devastating knockout punch knocked that hope out of "The Master of the 619". With Chris Jericho and Batista down on the outside, it was down to Big Show and Rey Mysterio. It looked as though "The Biggest Little Man" would manage to upset "The World’s Largest Athlete" after hitting the 619, but as Rey went to his aerial tactics, it was a well-placed right hand by Big Show that grounded Mysterio and allowed Big Show to pin Mysterio to retain the Unified Tag Team Titles for himself and Chris Jericho! After narrowly escaping with the titles intact, who will be the next team to try and challenge the self-proclaimed "most dominant tag team in WWE history"?

Then it was time to return to hell as John Cena defended the WWE Championship against former champion Randy Orton inside the demonic Hell in a Cell. At one point in the match, Cena had the match won when he locked in his STF onto Orton and forced Orton to tap out, but in a bad break for "The Champ", the referee had just been knocked down and did not see Orton submit! Both competitors gave it all they had and then some, but after Orton kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment by Cena and Cena kicked out of the RKO by Orton, the question became- what will it take for one of these men to walk out as WWE Champion? Orton would provide the diabolical answer to that question as the ruthless former champion tied Cena up in the ropes and proceeded to choke "The Champ" out! After Orton was out of it, "The Viper" released the hold, which allowed the referee to free the unconscious Cena from the ropes. Cena slowly started to regain consciousness, but the sinister mind of Randy Orton had come up with a plan to finally put Cena down for the count. Orton relied on his vicious punt to punt his way to becoming a six time World Champion! Now that "The Viper" has regained the WWE Championship from John Cena, is Orton finally done with John Cena? When will Cena have his rematch for the title?

After weeks of vicious backstage assaults, Drew McIntyre would finally have a sanctioned match against R-Truth. R-Truth was fueled by revenge for the heinous attacks by McIntyre, but the self-proclaimed "future World Heavyweight Champion" was able to plant R-Truth and pick up the win in his pay-per-view debut! Has McIntyre’s victory brought a conclusion to the rivalry with R-Truth or will R-Truth not be satisfied until he defeats the intense Scotsman?

Backstage, new WWE Champion Randy Orton is recovering from his brutal Hell in a Cell Match with John Cena, when he is confronted by Legacy. The cocky multigenerational duo praised their mentor for Orton’s victory against Cena and after Rhodes & DiBiase started to talk about their plans after the show, a disgusted Randy Orton stepped in and warns Legacy that they don’t know what they’re in for. Despite the warning by Orton, Legacy still exuded confidence as Cody Rhodes said that Orton reminded him of his "old man". Orton then reminded the duo that he is not Rhodes’ father, that he is the WWE Champion. Orton again warns Legacy about what they are getting into with Hell in a Cell and DX, but a cocky Ted DiBiase advises Orton not to "underestimate" them. Is Legacy confident for good reason or is it false bravado as they head to war with DX?

Then it was time for the Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship as champion Kofi Kingston defended the gold against both The Miz & Jack Swagger. However, before the match began, Miz had some choice words for the city of Newark. Miz once again vows to win the United States Title and then quotes his "good friend" Conan O’Brien by saying that "all sewers lead to Newark". The self-proclaimed "awesome" Superstar then begged Newark mayor Corey Booker to ban him from Newark like the mayor did to Conan. Miz then concluded his widely unpopular speech by proclaiming that Newark will finally be "known for something" when he wins the United States Championship!

Despite the promises set by the overly confident Miz & Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston was able to take advantage of the unique Triple Threat rules to retain the United States Title! It looked like Jack Swagger was closing in on the United States Titles as "The All-American American" laid out The Miz with his signature powerbomb. However, before Swagger could capitalize on his handiwork, it was Kofi who took Swagger out of the match with Trouble In Paradise followed by Kofi pinning Miz that allowed Kofi to once again overcome the odds and retain the United States Championship! Who will be the next pursuer of the United States Title?

While the WWE & World Heavyweight Titles both changed hands inside Hell in a Cell, the third and final Hell in a Cell Match was not about titles, but about respect and legacies as the legendary duo of D-Generation X faced the cocky young team, Legacy. Seemingly always one step ahead of the veterans, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase got an early advantage by blind-siding DX as they made their entrance! Without stepping foot inside the Cell, the two teams brawled all around the Cell! The intensity rose as DX was able to isolate Cody Rhodes and, after a monitor shot by Triple H, DX was able to deliver a double suplex to Cody Rhodes on the unforgiving SmackDown announce table! After seeing what happened to his partner, Ted DiBiase dove onto Triple H as the brawl resumed. DiBiase then delivered a devastating suplex of his own as he suplexed Triple H on the arena floor! With neither team having set foot in the Hell in a Cell for the match to start, the teams split up and battled through the crowd. After Shawn Michaels back-dropped Cody Rhodes over the barricade and back into the ringside area, things got ugly for DX. As Michaels climbed over the barricade, Cody Rhodes had taken possession of the steel chain that locks the Cell door in place. The diabolical second-generation Superstar then blasted HBK in the knee with the chain! With Michaels down for the moment, Rhodes rushed up to the stage and blasted Triple H in the head with the steel chain! Rhodes & DiBiase then delivered a vile double DDT onto the steel stage followed by the Cross Rhodes by Cody Rhodes! With Triple H emphatically out of the equation, both members of Legacy turned their attention to Shawn Michaels. With intent to maim, Legacy placed the bad knee of HBK and slammed the steel Cell door onto the knee! Things only got worse for Shawn Michaels from that point as Legacy through Michaels back into the confines of the Cell and locked and chained the Cell door shut with Triple H locked outside! As the match finally got started, Legacy continued their diabolical 2-on-1 assault of Shawn Michaels. With Triple H not only locked out, but knocked out, there was nothing preventing Legacy from destroying Shawn Michaels. Michaels repeatedly tried to fight back against Legacy, but the numbers game proved to be too much for an already pain-filled Michaels. In what could have been his last hope, Michaels tossed a steel chair into the face of Cody Rhodes, but HBK was immediately attacked by Ted DiBiase. While this was going on, Triple H had gotten to his feet and was scrambling to get inside Hell in a Cell to help Shawn Michaels. Even though Triple H had recovered from the earlier onslaught of Legacy, "The Game" was still locked out of the Cell! As Triple H continually tried to break into the Cell, Legacy continued to assault Shawn Michaels and taunt Triple H. Triple H then grabs a steel chair and is repeatedly trying to break into the Cell, even using the steel chair to pry on the door! As Triple H helplessly watched, Legacy continued to destroy Shawn Michaels. However, Michaels proved to still have something left as HBK managed to blast DiBiase with Sweet Chin Music! The short burst was for naught as Rhodes pulled Michaels off of the pin attempt and blasted HBK in the back with a steel chair! After realizing that the steel chair was not going to help him break into the Cell, Triple H glared at Legacy as the diabolical young duo taunted "The Game". In the midst of Legacy’s taunts, Triple H just turns around and walks out; leaving Shawn Michaels! With the Triple H factor no longer an issue, Legacy resumed their heinous and methodical decimation of the legendary Shawn Michaels. Rhodes & DiBiase then throw HBK back into the ring and, with evil intentions, Legacy slowly plotted out their plan of attack. In a unique and devastating use of a steel chair, Cody Rhodes placed the chair on the skull of Michaels so that Ted DiBiase could dropkick the chair into the head of HBK! Legacy proved they are more focused on dishing out punishment to Michaels than winning the match when Cody Rhodes used the steel post to lock in the unique Figure-4 Leg Lock that Legacy used to defeat DX at Breaking Point! With Ted DiBiase locking in the Million Dollar Dream on HBK, the double submission was locked in! While HBK is in the double submission, Triple H returns with bolt cutters! As "The Game" works to cut the chain to break into the Cell. With Triple H getting closer to getting into the Cell, Ted DiBiase quickly laid out Shawn Michaels with Dream Street on a steel chair! Triple H then finally cuts the chain and is finally able to fend off Legacy! "The Game" comes into the ring and starts battling both members of Legacy, but, once again, the numbers game catches up with Triple H and Legacy then starts to double team Triple H. However, Triple H was able to hold Legacy off long enough to allow Shawn Michaels to recover enough to save Triple H from the same 2-on-1 beat down that he had received. With the odds even between the two teams, DX started their own decimation of Legacy on the outside of the ring. With all four competitors inside the Cell, a referee came down to try and chain the door shut. However, Triple H grabbed the chain for a little bit of pay back on Legacy as he blasted Ted DiBiase with the chain! With Cody Rhodes still recovering, DiBiase was left all alone with both members of DX. Following up his shot with the steel chain, Triple H delivered a Pedigree to DiBiase on the arena floor! With revenge on their minds, DX then dragged DiBiase outside of the Cell. With DiBiase completely out of it on the outside of the Cell, Triple H then chained the door shut; leaving Cody Rhodes all alone with Triple H & Shawn Michaels! Now with the shoe on the other foot, DX started their destruction of Cody Rhodes. With Ted DiBiase being forced to watch his partner’s dismemberment just like Triple H had to do when Legacy isolated Shawn Michaels, DX wasted no time as Triple H placed a steel chair around the neck of Cody Rhodes followed by Shawn Michaels hitting his signature elbow drop onto the steel chair! Triple H then went outside and got a sledgehammer as HBK "tuned up the band" for Sweet Chin Music. "The Cerebral Assassin" then prepared for HBK to hit his superkick and when Michaels hit the superkick, Triple H blasted Cody Rhodes in the skull with the sledgehammer; simultaneously "compacting" the head of Cody Rhodes! Shawn Michaels then pinned Cody Rhodes to put an end to the brutal Hell in a Cell Match. As the Hell in a Cell rose, Ted DiBiase rushed into the ring to check on his decimated partner, but DiBiase was met with the superkick of Shawn Michaels! Triumphant over Legacy, DX then stood tall and celebrated their victory and the end of their rivalry with Legacy. What kind of condition is DX and Legacy in after such a uniquely brutal Hell in a Cell Match? Is this truly the end of the DX/Legacy saga?