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WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 Round Table Discussion

I held an impromptu PPV RoundTable in the chatroom after the Quiz in the chatroom tonight! The following Talk Wrestling Online forum members joined in: AgeofKendrick + Dante Spears + hanz4matt + Laffy + Matt Denton + Springsteen.

What did you think of the change from ‘No Mercy’ to the ‘Hell in a Cell’ PPV concept?

Matt Denton: HHH.
Matt Denton: Oh sorry, was in quiz mode.
Matt Denton: I hate the change. It’s going to take an awesome match and run it into the ground.
Springsteen: It’s interesting, but I preferred No Mercy. There is such a thing as overklill you know,
Dante Spears: Cash in, hurts the whole concept of the Hell in a Cell Match.
AgeofKendrick: That it was a good decision, but WWE really needs to follow up and bring the blood violence into these Hell in a Cells even though it is PG rated, or else they’ll lose big ratings and fans.
Matt Denton: HIAC is a great match, but having it guaranteed THREE TIMES a year in one night just sucks.
hanz4matt: Well to be honest No Mercy wasn”t exactly a PPV I looked forward to, so Hell in a Cell could be a lot better, but yeah I think having 3 Hell in a Cell matches in one show is too much!
Dante Spears: Hitherto this: Hell in a Cell meant the cumulating of a long and bitter feud and was almost always an awesome match. Now it means its October.
Matt Denton: This.
Laffy: To be honest I liked No Mercy as a PPV as it was, I never wanted to see HIAC become run of the mill, I wanted HIAC to be kept special with only deserving matches being the blow off to a feud. Now I hope I am wrong but I think they may have wreaked the tension, one of the things that made HIAC special.

Are you excited about the show tonight?

Matt Denton: No.
Springsteen: Not really, it’s just habit that I watch it.
AgeofKendrick: No, unless there’s blood.
Dante Spears: The IC bout and the US bout have caught my interest. Couldn’t care less about Cena.
Laffy: I want to see the Legacy/DX and the Punk/Taker matches but the rest, no.
hanz4matt: The fact that the Hell in a Cell matches feature the same superstars as Breaking Point means no I won”t.

Right, let”s get started with the matches, first – R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Matt Denton: Dr. Stevie will win a good old feud.
Laffy: I have no idea personally I wanted the feud to continue without a match for a while longer. Will say R Truth for the win.
Springsteen: Drew will probably win, as I believe Vince is big on him.
hanz4matt: I don”t watch any of the weekly shows, so this is the first I have heard about this match! I will go for R-Truth.
AgeofKendrick: Terrible idea to put this match on the card first of all, Drew McIntyre will win this for sure
Matt Denton: It’s refreshing to see a I HATE YOU feud between a cocky guy and entertaining face.
Dante Spears: Could’ve gone on another month with them attacking each other backstage and such. I expect Drew to win because it’ll devalue him instantly if he doesn’t.
Laffy: It could have gone on for ages.

Mickie James (c) vs. Alicia Fox for the WWE Divas Championship

Matt Denton: Boring.
Matt Denton: That is all.
Springsteen: Couldn’t give a damn about this one, Mickie will probably win.
Laffy: I don’t care I will not watch this but I want Mickie to win as I hate Fox.
Dante Spears: First thought: Why the hell is this on the card. Second thought: Why the hell is Alicia Fox still allowed in the WWE?!
hanz4matt: Not really interested in women”s wrestling and not sure I”ve even see Alicia Fox before? So I will go for Mickie James
AgeofKendrick: Mickie James no doubt, Alicia Fox and Mickie James aren”t Divas championship material but Mickie will end up retaining.
Dante Spears: The only way Mickie will lose is if Alicia is sleeping with Vince…
Matt Denton: Which she might be.
Laffy: Mickie is one of the best divas wrestling today!

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz Triple Threat match for the WWE United States Championship

Matt Denton: Let’s Go Swagger!
Laffy: The Miz so has to win because he’s awesome.
AgeofKendrick: The Miz, HOORAH!!!
Matt Denton: That belt looks good on him, so I can see him winning this one, just for that fact alone.
Springsteen: This could be really good if given time. I think Swagger will win.
Dante Spears: I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Kofi. Kofi’s reign has sucked.
hanz4matt: i think I will predict Kofi for this one…

What do you think about the feud for the US title, there doesn’t seem to be that much interest?

Springsteen: It”s on Raw, the show of the ignored midcarders.
Matt Denton: Stolen belts are fun if done right.
Matt Denton: They did it wrong.
Laffy: It’s kind of come from nowhere soI”m not really bothered, it needed a bigger build to make people care.
hanz4matt: I don”t know too much about the feuds as I don”t watch the weekly shows, I just watch the PPVs to find out who is feuding!
Dante Spears: There is no feud here. It’s just a car wreck of midcarders
Matt Denton: This is why hanz fails at WWE. 😛
hanz4matt: Exactly 😛
Laffy:I think it could have been great if done right.
AgeofKendrick: They need to give The Miz and especially Swagger the spotlight more instead of this United States Championship feud…
Matt Denton: Everything could be *great* if done *right*

Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship

Matt Denton: Meh, if Jerishow lose, I’ll quit watching wrestling.
Springsteen: I have a feeling that Rey and Dave will win horribly.
AgeofKendrick: Jericho and Big Show obviously, Rey just returned so there not going to push him with Batista already to defeat very long reigning champions.
Laffy: Come on, I want Rey and Batista to win, I love them as tag partners for some reason they just work. Plus I hate Big show.
Dante Spears: I’m willing to say Batista and Rey if it keeps Batisa out of the world title picture. But Jerishow is the most likely.
hanz4matt: I seriously hope Y2J & Big Show win…..Batista back on a PPV….that”s enough to stop me watching…
Matt Denton: Rey & Batista have no reason to win, thus they shouldn’t.
Matt Denton: Unless Russo is booking this shite.
Springsteen: It seems he”s been booking Raw for the past year …
Laffy: Or Vince is on steroids…… oh wait
Matt Denton: Vince has a love for big guys, who’s bigger than Big Show?
Matt Denton: Oh and Jericho is bigger than Rey

John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Matt Denton: This should be a great match, John is entertaining, Dolph is entertaining.
Matt Denton: The promos aren’t that great, but still.
Laffy: Ziggler, I am sorry but I hate Morrison so much he will probably win but my heart says Ziggler.
Springsteen: Well, I like both guys, but please don’t let Morrison talk. Could be the sleeper. I’ll go with John Morrison
AgeofKendrick: It will be Dolph Ziggler big time, he went to MY current high school, new Intercontinental Champion!
Matt Denton: I want Morrson to win, but I believe he’s the transition between Rey & Dolph’s reigns.
Dante Spears: Could very well be the best match of the night. Unless they’re planning for JoMo to feud with Punk after this, I’m predicting Morrison will retain.
hanz4matt: I like Morrison so I”m gonna go for him…hopefully Dolph won”t get on the mic like he did at Breaking Point, that was terrible
Laffy: I would love to see another Rey/Morrison match though!

D-Generation X vs. The Legacy Tag team Hell in a Cell match

Matt Denton: Yawn. I want Legacy to win, but DX probably will.
Springsteen: I’d be shocked if DX didn’t win.
hanz4matt: Well personally I didn”t like the last two DX vs Legacy matches, so I”m hoping this one will be a bit more entertaining! I”m going for DX.
AgeofKendrick: The Legacy will prevail and demolish DX, just like Orton will demolish Cena and regain the WWE title that rightfully belongs to Orton!
Laffy: Part of me wants Legacy to win to show their dominance and gloat. But part of me wants the feud to continue for that to happen DX must win so erm DX to carry on the feud.
Dante Spears: Couldn’t possibly care less about Orton Goon 1 and Orton Goon 2.  DX will probably win so that the feud will continue.

John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship

Matt Denton: This will be entertaining if they ditch the wrestling and just beat the holy hell out of each other
AgeofKendrick: Randy Orton new WWE…Champion!
Matt Denton: Orton to win.
Springsteen: John Cena, I hope it’s brutal. Both men are capable of such things
Laffy: John Cena is so going to win as he will not have this short a reign but I love Orton so would like him to win again. Cena but wish it was Orton.
Matt Denton: John Cena can have short reigns.
Matt Denton: See Mania to Backlash this year.
hanz4matt: I reckon Cena will retain the title….this is probably the match I”m most looking forward to, I enjoyed their match at breaking point, so I”m hoping this one will be even better!
Dante Spears: Cena. And hopefully Orton and Cena never wrestle again…for awhile.
Dante Spears: …or whatever the grammatically correct way of saying that is!

CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Matt Denton: Punk, Punk, GOOD LORD, Punk.
Matt Denton: I’m enjoying Punk as champion, and taker might not last long enough uninjured to hold the title for a long time
Springsteen: Undertaker, although I wouldn”t be shocked if Punk won.
AgeofKendrick: It’s going to be Punk for sure, Taker won”t get his time tonight.
Laffy: I am going for Taker as I just love him. Punk has been great and would love this feud to continue so Taker. Hell In a Cell is his backyard.
hanz4matt: To be honest I”m not interested in this match in the slightest, I”m not a Punk fan or an Undertaker fan, but seeing as I have to choose I think Punk will win.
Dante Spears: Punk. Taker doesn’t have a great track record with HIAC so it’s not going to be shocking if he loses.

Will you be buying the PPV tonight?

Matt Denton: No
hanz4matt: Already bought it!
Matt Denton: I’ll be watching at a friends” house.
Dante Spears: Yeah…sure…..”buying”.
AgeofKendrick: Nope.
Springsteen: I’ll be buying…well already have in fact.
Laffy: Probably not… no I will follow the spoilers and buy it on DVD for my collection but cannot see me paying £15.00 for this.
AgeofKendrick: How much is £15 in American dollars?
Laffy: Although knowing me in an hour”s time I will have booked it and Sky + it!
Matt Denton: $30
Dante Spears: 30-ish
Springsteen: Which means us > Americans

Any final comments?

Matt Denton: Must do better. And stop with the gimmick PPVs for God’s sake.
Dante Spears: I hope this fails so they don’t destroy the HIAC concept further.
Laffy: I love Hell in a Cell matches, but think they should have kept it sacred and only have one massive blowout every once in a while.
Springsteen: Could be great, though I doubt it. Should be good….Yeah that’s the best we can hope for.
AgeofKendrick: Don’t get the PPV unless you want to be __ by WWE!
Matt Denton: Plus, exactly HOW hardcore can 3 HIAC matches in 1 night be? You’re guaranteed nothing will be broken until the main event.
Matt Denton: And I hope Taker/Punk take it to the top of the cell for shits and giggles
Laffy: I want one to take it to the top I think Taker maybe too beat up to do it.
Springsteen: That would be awesome Matt.
hanz4matt: I reckon this PPV will probably ruin Hell in a Cell matches, but we will see….this show had better be worth £15!
Springsteen: Thanks for the paypal payment of £50 for doing this Kam 🙂
Springsteen: Oh crap
Matt Denton: You’re getting £50?
Matt Denton: Ha, you got shafted!
Matt Denton: I got £100
AgeofKendrick: If there isn”t blood in at least 1 of the 3 Hell in a Cell’s then forget WWE from now on!
Springsteen: Whaty!!??
Springsteen: He told me I was speshal  🙁

Enjoy the PPV folks!

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