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WWE Monday Night RAW October 5, 2009 Detailed Results

One night after WWE Hell in a Cell, the 854th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Quick Match Results

  • Diva Bowl: Special Referee- Gail Kim: Mickie James, Melina, Eve Torres, Maria, Kelly Kelly, & The Bella Twins def. Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Jillian, Alicia Fox, & Rosa Mendes by Mickie James rolling up Alicia Fox.
  • Jack Swagger def. Primo by pin following the Swagger Bomb.
  • MVP & Mark Henry def. Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters by MVP pinning Chavo Guerrero following an inadvertent elbow by Chris Masters.
  • United States Championship: The Miz def. Kofi Kingston (c) by pin following the Skull Crushing Finale to win the United States Title!
  • Non-Title: D-Generation X (with Ben Roethlisberger & the Steelers Offensive Line) def. JeriShow by Triple H pinning Chris Jericho following Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels.

Match Quality

  1. D-Generation X Vs. JeriShow
  2. United States Championship
  3. MVP & Mark Henry Vs. Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters
  4. Jack Swagger Vs. Primo
  5. Diva Bowl

Detailed Results

The Guest Host of RAW wasted no time in making an appearance as the Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger opened the show and declared that he would start RAW off with a "surprise". What a "surprise" it was as "Big Ben" then announced the first ever Diva Bowl, featuring Divas from all three brands with Gail Kim as the Special Referee!

In the first ever Diva Bowl put together by Guest Host Ben Roethlisberger, the team of Divas Champion Mickie James, former Women’s Champion Melina, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Maria, & The Bella Twins defeated the team of Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Jillian, Rosa Mendes, Layla, & Alicia Fox with Mickie James pinning Alicia Fox for the second night in a row! What else would "Big Ben" have in store for RAW?

The Divas’ victory celebration was short-lived, however, as the new WWE Champion Randy Orton interrupted the festivities. After the Divas cleared the ring, Orton declared that he defeated John Cena inside Hell in a Cell last night. The new champion then said that he did not need any "backup" or "shortcuts"; that he beat Cena when it was just the two of them inside the Cell. Orton then proclaimed that he "beat Cena, end of story". Orton then says that he would bet that Cena is going to interrupt him and request his rematch for the WWE Title. "The Viper" then openly invites the former WWE Champion to come to the ring and John Cena accepts the invitation and comes to the ring. After seeing that the former champion was ready to fight, Orton made it clear that Cena would not be getting his rematch on RAW. Cena then proclaimed that Orton Vs. Cena is "the rivalry" and that he wants another match with Orton for the WWE Championship and he does not want it to be any ordinary match, but "the match"; a 60-Minute Iron Man Match! Cena then proclaims that the Iron Man Match would end their rivalry. The WWE Champion replies by telling Cena that they will have the match on his "terms" and that he wants to make sure that the Iron Man Match is the final match between them, so he adds in the stipulation that, if John Cena loses, he must leave RAW! Not only that, but Orton added that the match would have no disqualifications and no count-outs! Confident in his abilites and never one to refuse a challenge, Cena accepts the match and the conditions and shakes Randy Orton’s hand to make it official! It was later announced that this epic match will take place in three weeks’ time at WWE Bragging Rights. In only the sixth Iron Man Match in WWE History and the first one to take place since 2005, Randy Orton and John Cena will do battle for one grueling hour with no disqualifications and no count-outs with the stipulation that, if Cena fails to regain the WWE Title, he must leave RAW. Who will leave "The Steel City" of Pittsburgh with the WWE Title having outlasted their opponent for one hour? Will John Cena ultimately prove that he is better than Randy Orton by regaining the WWE Title or will Orton retain the title and banish John Cena from RAW and from his life?

One night after failing to win the United States Title at WWE Hell in a Cell, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger was all smiles as he stated that he was not pinned in the Triple Threat Match and proclaimed that he is a "winner". The always confident Swagger then promised to remain undefeated for the rest of the year! Can Jack Swagger truly survive the rest of 2009 without a loss?

"The All-American American" Jack Swagger got off to a good start on his decree to be undefeated for the rest of the year by picking up a victory over Primo. Jack Swagger is now 1-0 in his quest to remain undefeated, but how long can this streak last? Will Swagger make it through the year with no losses?

After some "miscommunication" last week, Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters once again teamed up, this time to battle MVP & Mark Henry. Things did not go well for "The Mexican Warrior" and "The Masterpiece" as Chris Masters accidentally hit Chavo with an elbow that led to MVP pinning Chavo to pick up the win! After the match, the dysfunctional team argued before Chris Masters attacked Chavo and tried to put him in the Masterlock, but Chavo was saved by Hornswoggle when Hornswoggle bit Masters! After the assist from Hornswoggle, Chavo planted Masters with a DDT! What is the story between Chavo & Hornswoggle?

Guest Host Ben Roethlisberger then came to the ring and said that RAW had been great so far and that it would continue, but "Big Ben" was quickly interrupted by the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho! JeriShow made their way into the ring and Big Show questions how "big" Ben is and how "big" the offensive line for the Pittsburgh Steelers is. The Quarterback then brought out his offensive line to show Big Show just how big they were. The entire offensive line lined up in the ring and took the three-point stance as Big Show did the same! When it looked like Big Show might collide with the massive wall of offensive linemen, JeriShow quickly got out of the ring! Then things got interesting as D-Generation X came out! DX comes into the ring and greets "Big Ben" and the offensive line as Chris Jericho, on the ramp, calls DX "miscreants" and accuses them of just being out there to shell their DX merchandise. Triple H denied Jericho’s claim before referring to Jericho’s hair as "ridiculous". A serious Shawn Michaels then stated that he is still feeling the effects of the grueling Hell in a Cell Match against Legacy less than twenty-four hours ago. HBK told the tag champions that they have beaten some great teams, but there is one team they have not faced. Big Show took it as a challenge and said that challenge was "dumb" and proclaims that DX does not want a piece of them. Jericho then stated that DX doesn’t "deserve" to face them. As the man in charge, Ben Roethlisberger stepped in and made the match official! With that simple decree by the Guest Host, the main event would be the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho facing D-Generation X for the first time ever! After the announcement, DX, "Big Ben", and the offensive line of the Steelers celebrated, DX style!

After talking with Guest Host Ben Roethlisberger, The Miz was granted a one-on-one match for the United States Title against Kofi Kingston! In an incredible match by both competitors, it was The Miz who capitalized on a crucial mistake by Kofi Kingston to hit the Skull Crushing Finale and finally claim the United States Title! The Miz is now the United States Champion; the first singles title in his career! When will Kofi request his mandatory rematch and will The Miz be able to keep the gold when that time comes?

It was announced on RAW that the Guest Hosts for next week’s RAW will be Nancy O’Dell & Maria Menounos from Access Hollywood! What will the ladies of Access Hollywood have in store for Monday Night RAW next week?

Then it was time for the main event as the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho faced D-Generation X in a non-title match. After knocking Big Show over the barricade on the outside, Jericho was all alone against both members of DX! When Jericho realized this, he quickly exited the ring and thought he had successfully walked out on the match until Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ offensive line lined up on the stage to prevent Jericho from leaving! With nowhere for Jericho to escape to, DX brought Jericho back into the ring where he was met with a rendition of Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels and was pinned by Triple H for a DX victory! After defeating the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, DX resumed their DX style celebration with Ben Roethlisberger and his offensive line! Now that D-Generation X has picked up a non-title victory over the champions, will DX get a shot at the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles? If so, when will these two teams clash for the gold?