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WWE WrestleMania 26: An Early Preview

With just six months until the spectacular that is Wrestlemania 26, both Vince McMahon’s creative team and ardent WWE fans are turning their thoughts to which bouts will take place on that sparkling night in Arizona. Therefore, David Ruse has pitched in with his thoughts and listed a smorgasbord of matches he hopes to see grace the March extravaganza…

With just six months until the spectacular that is Wrestlemania 26, both Vince McMahon’s creative team and ardent WWE fans are turning their thoughts to which bouts will take place on that sparkling night in Arizona. Therefore, I’ve pitched in with my thoughts and listed a smorgasbord of matches I hope to see grace the March extravaganza.

Chris Jericho v Edge

The seeds for this feud have already been sown and there will be no better place than Wrestlemania for two of WWE’s finest all-round performers to weave their magic. Edge seems set to take the role of the face, an interesting change for him having spent the recent part of his career in complete heeldom. Jericho, of course, will do what he does best and play the bad guy.

The storyline would revolve around the duo’s short-lived tag team, with Jericho insisting Edge is too injury-prone and how he was the weak link of the twosome, while in response, the Rated R Superstar would be determined to prove he is still a major force.

With both men excelling when it comes to projecting spiel, the rivalry would be impossible for fans to neglect, and the quick-witted quarrelling should lead to an eye-catching in-ring confrontation at WWE’s premier event. Edge’s injury status could be the stumbling block, though with there still half a year to go before the spring showpiece, the Canadian should be back in the thick of the action in time to build up the story. Let’s hope so anyway.

Randy Orton v Ted DiBiase

The teacher v pupil narrative would not be anything new in the WWE but on this occasion it would be one to look forward to. DiBiase teased a face turn when he battled Orton in July and with the pair shown to be at odds in a recent backstage episode at Hell in a Cell, it seems that the match could be on. When you consider a fully-fledged face turn seems set to come DiBiase’s way due to him starring in The Marine 2, the likelihood of combat is boosted even further.

The son of the Million Dollar Man could express his frustration at being held down by Orton’s shackles, with the Legacy leader eager to keep his protégée on side – at any cost. DiBiase’s rise to main-event level – courtesy of his and Cody Rhodes’ tremendous feud with D-Generation X – means the match would be Wrestlemania worthy and like the Jericho/Edge rivalry would be enhanced by a terrific storyline. The added intrigue of where Rhodes’ (who could be the special guest referee) loyalties lay would also embellish matters.

John Morrison v Shawn Michaels

Wouldn’t this be something? The original Showstopper versus the man who many believe can take up that mantle when HBK’s time in the WWE is over. With Michaels’ ability to make his opponents look a million dollars, added to the fact Morrison is already astounding in his own right, the match would leave the WWE universe salivating. The current Intercontinental Champion has made a steady rise up the ranks but could challenge Michaels to prove he really has what it takes to reach the apex of the company. The Icon would agree, explaining how he believes the Shaman of Sexy has the ability to be a key player in the years ahead.

While praise for each other could be gushing at first, the program should transpire in much the same way as Michaels’ storyline with the Undertaker in 2009 – with tremendous respect for each other’s talent but not lacking a dose of one-upmanship or the need to outdo. The rivalry may not culminate in a match quite as tantalising as Michaels v Taker but it should still be an absolute stunner.

Batista v Undertaker

If the rumours are true and Batista is planning on ending his career in the near future, he deserves a poignant send-off. The ex-Evolution star may not have enamoured everyone during his WWE tenure (I’m talking to us Internet Wrestling Community) but he has been a top-level mainstay for the last five years and his final match should reinforce that. The Animal’s bout with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23 was one of the finest he has had and if anyone can help Dave leave the WWE in a blaze of glory, it is the incomparable Deadman.

Whether the World Heavyweight title is added into the mix or not, it is a match many people would want to see; two fan favourites, the streak and a possible retirement stipulation thrown in for good measure. It would be a great way for Big Dave to depart, competing against an icon and showing that while he has his limitations, he can get it done on the big stage. While most of us are well aware that the chances of the Animal breaking the streak are about as likely as Slam Master J winning the WWE Championship, for less cynical fans there would still be that tiny glimmer that maybe the Deadman could leave Wrestlemania a beaten man.

John Cena v CM Punk

It seems inevitable that John Cena will be hovering around the world title picture as Wrestlemania comes along but which of his main-event cronies will he battle against. Scouring his potential opponents makes for predictable reading – HHH, Randy Orton, Edge, Big Show, Chris Jericho, HBK, they’ve all been done. While that is not often seen as an obstacle for the WWE hierarchy, an element of freshness is desired. Undertaker or Batista will be contenders, considering Cena has not battled either of them in an elongated storyline, while we be could handed something completely left field with the Chain Gang commander facing a newcomer to the top stratum, such as Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler or the impact-making Scot, Drew McIntyre.

Taking on Punk though, could be mesmerising. Mr. Straightedge, the man who hates followers, against a performer who has plenty of devotees. CM’s hatred of addiction could focus on Cena’s disciples and how they are addicted to him and he to they. The Chicagoan would brag about how he has rid the WWE of one hero in Jeff Hardy and how he plans to do the same to Cena. Punk has become the best thing about the WWE and deserves to be a centrepiece at the most important show of they year. By taking on the indefatigable Wrestlemania headliner, he will be.

David Ruse