CBlog #48- CM Punk, John Cena and WWE Hell in a Cell

Hello and welcome once again to the most updated blog on; the CBlog. Believe it or not, this is the 48th blog I have done and the comments that I get to this blog is honestly what keeps me doing it.
Now, in this edition, I will be discussing the “title topics” of CM Punk’s backstage trouble, John Cena possibly moving to SmackDown, and my thoughts on this past Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell event. I will also offer my opinion on the upcoming WWE Bragging Rights event, as well as the ECW brand being excluded from pay-per-views. All that and so much more.
Well, let’s start with a story that is just a bit peculiar.  Apparently, CM Punk is in the dog house with WWE officials. The story is that The Undertaker had a talk with CM Punk about Punk’s attire outside of the ring and told Punk that he should dress like he is the World Heavyweight Champion (which at the time of the discussion he was). However, it is Punk’s comment that angered backstage officials; Punk said “what about Cena?” I guess this was a bad thing for Punk to say (regardless of how true it was) and management got word of this and are none too happy. As one would imagine, this is more than likely the reason that Punk dropped the title to Undertaker this past Sunday.
Now that you know what happened, here is my take. First off, it’s not as if Punk was wrong. From pictures and videos that I have seen, Cena pretty much dresses the same in and out of the ring. Sure there are slight differences; like sometimes he wears jeans or whatever. I think everyone can agree that, if WWE is punishing Punk for not dressing like a champion, then that is dumb. I do believe it is wrong for WWE to punish Punk for commenting on the almighty never-do-wrong John Cena. To me, it is sad that Punk making a comment about Cena leads to Punk losing the World Heavyweight Title. You can bet that if things were switched around, nothing would happen to Cena. I hope that this does not cause the CM Punk character to get jobbed out as it would pain me to see the heel gimmick he has been so good at go down the drain because he made a comment about Cena.
I guess this is turning into a quite Cena heavy blog here. Anyways, it was announced on this week’s RAW that Randy Orton would defend his newly won WWE Championship against former champion John Cena in an Anything Goes 60-Minute Iron Man Match at WWE Bragging Rights. The stipulation added to that is that, if Cena loses, he must leave RAW. When I first heard this, I thought that Cena would be winning the title back at Bragging Rights, but then I got to thinking; if Cena moves to SmackDown (let’s face it, him moving to ECW is ridiculous to even consider), then that will help the main event scene. I don’t intend to keep harping on it, but The Undertaker is looking worse, in my opinion (did anyone catch the protected hip at Hell in a Cell?). I think that is the general opinion, so if Cena were to move to SmackDown, then it would provide a main eventer for the show that might help fill the void if or when Undertaker leaves. As it stands, CM Punk, Undertaker, & Batista are the three main event Superstars on the show at the moment. With Undertaker’s health and Batista supposively leaving next year, it may be a good business decision to move Cena to SmackDown.
Now, really, the main event scene on both RAW & SmackDown is struggling, really. There are just not any new feuds out there that involve the handful of main eventers. RAW’s options are limited as they currently have Randy Orton & John Cena in the main event scene. Triple H & Shawn Michaels could work as main eventers (obviously), but they are a tag team now who are feuding with JeriShow. Which brings up Big Show, who is one half of the tag champions in the middle of a feud with DX (along with Jericho). The only feud of those that we have not seen or not seen much of is Orton/Show and that does not sound good to me. An Orton/MVP feud could happen, but I don’t think the WWE views MVP as a main event player.
Anyways, my point is that Cena moving to SmackDown might be a good thing for SmackDown.
Now I move on to this past Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell event. The card was very “unique” and I did enjoy the DX/Legacy Hell in a Cell Match as it involved something I have never seen before and that is a competitor in Hell in a Cell being locked out of the Cell. Never have I seen that. Granted, most HIAC matches are one-on-one, but still.
I was disappointed, but not surprised with the Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Title. I assumed it would be short, but it seems like they could have got a lot more out of it.
I was disappointed in how the John Morrison/Dolph Ziggler match turned out. It was not a horrible match by any means, but it just sounded so much better on paper.
I pegged Batista & Rey Mysterio to win the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles from JeriShow, but that was just based on how Batista has been booked since returning and having no place in the main event at the moment.
Well, what can you say about the United States Title match? Well, it was chock full of spots we’ve seen before. End of story.
R-Truth Vs. Drew McIntyre was a disappointment and the Divas Championship match sucked, but no surprise there. Brutal looking DDT though.
Speaking of the United States Title, I just want to say that I am glad to see that The Miz is the new United States Champion. I was so sick of Kofi Kingston being the champion. Not because of Kofi himself, but the fact that he was constantly booked in these multi-person matches where he defended the title. It got old really fast. I hope Miz’s reign as champion does not have the multi-person matches and part-time jobbing characteristics that Kofi’s reign had. I am optimistic that Miz will have a credible reign.
To me, the Bragging Rights concept is a neat concept, but I think I would have enjoyed an entire card of RAW Vs. SmackDown matches instead one big interpromotional tag team main event. Hopefully they can make it work.
As I mentioned above, Randy Orton and John Cena will face off in an Anything Goes 60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights. I did my research and discovered that this will be the first Iron Man match since October 2005 (oddly enough); it was Kurt Angle Vs. Shawn Michaels in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match. The last 60-Minute one was in 2004. I have been hoping for an Iron Man Match for a while as it is truly a rare match. With the Anything Goes rule thrown in and the Cena leaving RAW if he loses scenario, it should make for an interesting contest. I have faith in this match, even if other people don’t.
Anyone who was aware of the card for WWE Hell in a Cell would notice that the ECW brand was not a part of the event, nor is ECW slated to be a part of Bragging Rights (as the theme is RAW Vs. SmackDown). This makes things interesting if they have intentions of keeping ECW off of pay-per-view as it means matches for the ECW Title will be seen on “free television” like ECW on Syfy and WWE Superstars.
I can go either way with ECW’s exclusion. On one hand, ECW is nowhere near as prioritized as RAW & SmackDown. On the other hand, it seems only right to involve all three brands. After all, they decided to launch ECW as the third brand, it should be used. Again, on the other hand, if they have title matches on free television, it may help out in the ratings.
Well, that will do it for this edition of the CBlog. Continue to comment and let me know what you readers are thinking. Feel free to ask me any questions you want using the comment box and I promise that I will answer them in the next CBlog. Tell your friends and, remember, you can follow me on Twitter at: WWELife. Peace out!

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OMG I’m so fed up with reading articles were people like you hate on my hero John Cena. He’s been bullied as a kid his whole life give him a freaking break already! I personally love the way he dresses and is himself!

I just want to point out, Cenagirl54, that you said, “he’s been bulled as a kid his whole life”. That doesn’t make any sense.
I will give Cena a break when he becomes entertaining and can actually wrestle a decent match.
By the way, if Cena is your hero, you might want to shoot a bit higher.
For the record, I don’t “hate” WWE, I just wish the product was better and they would make sensible decisions more often.
As always, keep reading my blog. I am sure another one will be up soon.

I just want to comment on how WWE has had a tendency over the last few years to kill off tag teams that have proven to be popular. I miss the days when tag teams themselves could be the main event story. I mean, JeriShow and DX aside, how many other tag teams are currently being pushed? Not too many.
I thought WWE took a step forward with The Miz & John Morrison, but after they got broken up as a tag team, it seemed as if WWE once again kept its trend of breaking up tag teams that actually perform well together. I miss the days of The Dudley Boyz, The Hardys, Edge & Christian, La Resistance, RVD & Mysterio, Los Guerreros, etc. Now those were some really awesome tag teams!

I too wonder why WWE doesn’t feature the tag teams. I’m a wrestling fan from the old AWA days – I grew up watching every Saturday night. Another factor – what do they bother to mention that it is, “one fall,” when that is all they bother with now days? Oh sure there was hat token match with the Randy saga – oh so boring. What ever happened to the good old 2 fall tag team matches. Those matches truly showcased talent and stamina vs with 5-10 minutes you see now. Now the only time you get a good tag team match is when someone cheats and another player come out to help. Then they make it a tag team event. Ture tag teams like Crime Time rarely get showcased other than the occasional wrestle off to place players on another team. Truly I’d love to see Rey team with Evan Borne! That would be an awesome tag team but again, the singles are what gets featured.
Also – what is up with that stupid bit on ECW with that Washington dud. Yes, I meant dud not dude! How stupid and such a waste of precious time to feature the ECW wrestlers.
Okay, I’m done with my lecture.

I truly truly miss the tag team element of wrestling as well…. As mention here, tag teams used to be a headlining element of the PPV’s. The Rockers, British Bulldogs, The Heart Foundation, Road Warriors, etc. Some of those battles they had with other great tag teams were epic! Not to mention was another reason I watched wrestling religiously! Now I just Tivo, and watch the beginning, the 10′ o’clock hour, and of course the main event. I miss tag teams. There’s always TNA…I guess….

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