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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Booker T, Umaga, Potential Releases, & More…

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
The biggest rumor that is making the rounds at the time of this article is that six-time World Champion, Booker T, wants to leave TNA and return to the WWE after his TNA contract expires next month. Reportedly, the reigning TNA World Tag Team Champion (with Scott Steiner) refused to job to Matt Morgan at a recent taping of TNA iMPACT! Allegedly, Booker was telling people about these plans during an overseas TNA tour. The former TNA Legends Champion feels that he is being misused by TNA, which, ironically enough, is one of the reasons why Booker left WWE and came to TNA in 2007. Reportedly, Booker feels that, even if he is misused again, at least he will be misused on the grander stage of WWE. There is no word yet on if WWE is interested in Booker T or what reaction TNA has had to these rumors, as of the date of this article. However, it is being said that someone with some strong backstage influence has voiced their approval of a return by Booker T and that discussions of his potential return are already underway.
Speaking of WWE returns, rumors are also saying that Umaga might be returning to the company soon. Umaga was released on June 8 of this year after violating the WWE Wellness Policy for a second time. This would normally result in a 60-Day Suspension from the company, but Umaga also refused to got to rehab, so WWE let him go. Now it is being said that, after his release, Umaga did indeed go to rehab in the hopes of getting “clean” and returning to the WWE. On the WWE side of things, they are open to Umaga coming back to the company, but only if he has indeed been in rehab. WWE also feels that releasing Umaga was a mistake, but that they were left no choice.
Reportedly, there are several WWE talent who are in danger of being released from the company. Some of them have alleged reasons behind them and some are just to “make room” for some new or returning talent. One of the names rumored is Mike Knox. While WWE is happy with the character Knox has been portraying lately, they feel that Knox has “let himself go” in terms of some recent weight gain. WWE is currently planning to keep him off of television for the time being. Another name on the list is Festus. It was rumored not too long ago that Festus might be moved back to SmackDown to serve as the on-screen bodyguard of CM Punk. However, WWE management is rethinking this decision since CM Punk’s recent “comment” upset management. A Diva potentially on the “chopping block” is Kelly Kelly. WWE feels that there is really no place for her on RAW at the moment and it is currently up in the air whether or not Kelly Kelly will be moved to ECW or SmackDown or if they will just let her go. After making only one appearance on ECW, Courtney Taylor looks like she might be let go soon. Courtney debuted on ECW in August, but after her first week in ECW, she was replaced with Savannah. Tyler Reks is also being considered as a potential release from the company. The general feeling is that Reks is not over with the fans and are considering the surfer gimmick a flop. The word going around is that Reks may be sent back to developmental or he may just be released.
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I think it would be a terrible mistake to let the prettiest diva go from the WWE roster. She is very talented and can make a difference on the show. I would be so dissapointed to see Kelly Kelly leave. Please consider the dissapointment of millions of guys around the world that support her. Thank you.

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