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WWE: Update on Upcoming Film Starring Big Show

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Big Show’s movie, which is being done through WWE Studios, has been renamed from Suckerpunch to Knucklehead. He will star along with the USA Network’s Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein and Melora Hardin.

Feurstein will be playing the role of Earl, replacing Dennis Farina, who was first attached in that role. Hardin will play a woman who runs the orphanage that Show’s character has lived in his entire life. She will eventually join Kronk and Earl on their road trip.

The plot of the film will follow Memphis Earl, a fight promoter trying to find his way out of being in debt to his crooked partner, when he comes across the monstrous Walter Kronk, played by Big Show. He tries to convince Kronk to wrestle professionally and Kronk finally agrees to wrestle on behalf of his fellow orphans, setting off a road trip.

Filming started this week in New Orleans, where 12 Rounds was filmed, and where Oxley’s Road, John Cena’s next film, will be shot.

Big Show has also shot scenes for the SNL film MacGruber. Great Khali and Chris Jericho previously shot scenes for the film.