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Big TNA News: Lacey Von Erich Gets Into Backstage Altercation With Awesome Kong!

Lacey Von Erich caused quite a stir this past Tuesday at the TNA iMPACT Tapings reports ProWrestling.NET.

Lacey sustained a minor injury (believed to be a hamstring) during the second taping, and was constantly complaining about it in the backstage area to anyone that would listen. At one point, Lacey had a trainer enter the women’s locker room to bring her an ice pack. Awesome Kong was reportedly half-dressed at this point and was annoyed that Lacey would bring a male trainer into the locker room unannounced. It should be noted that TNA has a small room backstage where talent goes to seek medical treatment.

Kong was said to have taken Lacey "by the wrist" to the trainers room and "dressed her down" in front of Kurt Angle. Sources state that Lacey then went to management to complain about Kong; it completely backfired on her and nothing was said to Kong.