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This Week In WWE: October 11, 2009- October 17, 2009

This Week In WWE: Edition LXXVI
October 11, 2009- October 17, 2009

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Thirteen days before WWE Bragging Rights, the 855th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Conseco Fieldhouse in the Midwest’s third largest city- Indianapolis, IN. The stunning host of Access Hollywood, Nancy O’Dell, would serve as Guest Host of RAW and would be joined by fellow Access Hollywood colleague, Maria Menounos, as she served as a Special Correspondent.

Monday Night RAW
Good Week For: Legacy (despite some dissension, got two big wins)
Bad Week For: Chris Jericho (lost to his partner and lost a "big" part of Team SmackDown)

And In Other News…

On a night where the "theme" of the evening would be team dissention, RAW kicked off with one-half of the best team currently in the WWE as Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho appeared. Jericho stated that, despite being on RAW and being allowed to appear on any of the three brands, he considers himself a "proud" member of the SmackDown roster. The confident tag champion then revealed that he has been chosen as the captain of Team SmackDown for WWE Bragging Rights where seven members of the RAW Roster will face seven members of the SmackDown Roster in an epic fourteen man tag match for bragging rights. RAW Guest Host Nancy O’Dell steps in and informs Jericho that the show is not starting with him, but is starting with D-Generation X!

Well, the Guest Host was right as DX officially opened RAW, though a member short as Shawn Michaels was nowhere to be seen. In any case, the other half of DX, Triple H, came to the ring representing the team. "The Game" reveals that his longtime friend is not present in the arena and decides to call HBK live on RAW. Much to the surprise and chagrin of Michaels, Triple H called "The Heartbreak Kid" at home to get an explanation. Michaels explained to "The Game" and the audience that his daughter had gotten sick and he had to rush home to San Antonio to tend to her. After Michaels assured Triple H and the crowd in attendance that everything was fine, Triple H hung up and begain to discuss WWE Bragging Rights where DX will be the co-captains of the seven man team representing RAW! However, that is as far as "The Game" got as the Unified Tag Team Champions, JeriShow, interrupted and made their way to the ring. Never one to be short on words, Chris Jericho proclaimed that he makes SmackDown "better" by simply being a member of the roster. Proud RAW Superstar Triple H responded by calling the SmackDown General Manager "spineless" and proclaimed that SmackDown is nowhere near as good as RAW. Jericho refers to DX as "delinquets" and informs Triple H that Big Show, despite being a member of the RAW brand, will represent SmackDown at Bragging Rights! "The Cerebral Assassin" turned his attention to Big Show and asked "The World’s Largest Athlete" why he is letting Jericho call the shots. Big Show tries to difuse the situation and say that their partnership is not like that before quietly saying to Triple H that he "carries" the team. Jericho overheard his giant partner’s comment and responds by insulting Show and saying that Show was embarassed by Shaquille O’Neal. Big Show responded by saying that Jericho got "punked out" by Bob Barker. Jericho then reminded Big Show of WrestleMania XXIV when Floyd Mayweather knocked out the big man. Faced with the criticism of his tag partner, Big Show changes his mind and declares he wants to represent RAW! Show demonstrates his alliance by standing next to RAW Co-Captain Triple H. "The Game" then informs Big Show that the team if "full"! However, Triple H reveals that Guest Host Nancy O’Dell enlisted him with the responsibility of forming the RAW Team, since he is co-captain. With that, "The Cerebral Assassin" announced that Big Show could earn a spot on the team if he won a match; a match against his partner, Chris Jericho! Triple H then revealed that the match would occur right then!

After tempers flared and insults were hurled, we were left with a unique opening contest to RAW as the Unified Tag Team Champions fought each other as Big Show battled Chris Jericho for the right to represent RAW at WWE Bragging Rights. Trying not to jeopardize any future title defenses, Big Show tried to reason with Jericho but the ego-driven Jericho would have none of it as he continually fought "The World’s Largest Athlete". However, Jericho tried to use his brains as, after Big Show knocked him to the outside of the ring, Jericho feigned a knee injury to lure Show to him. When the big man came to check on his partner, Jericho made a mad dash into the ring to try and beat the referee’s ten-count. However, Show pulled Jericho back out of the ring and slid in just in time to beat his partner via count-out; meaning that Big Show would be a part of Team RAW come Bragging Rights! With D-Generation X as the team’s co-captains and "The World’s Largest Athlete" Big Show on one team, the RAW contingent is looking good. Who would be the other four RAW Superstars to join the already impressive team?

Backstage, special correspondent Maria Menounos is interviewing Legacy and the Access Hollywood host informs Legacy that DX made a unique qualifying match as it will be a Triple Threat Match pitting Legacy against each other and against John Cena! If Cody Rhodes wins, he will join Team RAW at Bragging Rights. If Ted DiBiase wins, then he will join the RAW Team, but if Cena wins, then neither Legacy member is in the match! Who will, or will not, advance to Bragging Rights to represent Team RAW?

In an unbelievable development regarding the Divas Championship, "The Sour Songstress" Jillian was able to use the leverage of the ring ropes to roll-up Mickie James and win the Divas Title! However, Jillian’s title celebration was short-lived as Guest Host Nancy O’Dell came out to make a blockbuster announcement; that she orchestrated a tri-branded Diva Trade and then she revealed that Jillian would make her first title defense at that moment against the newest RAW Diva, Melina! The former Women’s Champion came out and made a big impact upon returning as she made quick work of Jillian to claim the Divas Championship! In an unpredictable turn of events, the Divas Title changed hands twice within a matter of minutes! What Divas belong to what brand following this big Diva Trade? followed up on the Diva Trade announcement and revealed the trades. Shortly after losing her Divas Title, Mickie James learned that she will be heading to SmackDown. However, Mickie’s familiar foe, Beth Phoenix, would join her as "The Glamazon" heads to SmackDown. The twice-as-nice Bella Twins would be leaving ECW and heading to RAW, while Rosa Mendes will find herself on ECW. What will the landscape of the Divas divisions look like with all of these changes?

In a huge announcement regarding next week’s RAW, the world-renowned rapper and actor, Snoop Dogg, will be on hand in Jacksonville to serve as the Guest Host of Monday Night RAW! What will "The Doggfather" have in store for RAW?

Having just learned that she had been traded to SmackDown, Beth Phoenix barged into the office of Nancy O’Dell & Maria Menounos and ordered the Guest Host to bring her back to RAW. "The Glamazon" then took her agression out on Maria Menounos, which led to Santino Marella stepping in and accepting a match on Menounos’ behalf! How will the inexperience Menounos fare in the ring?

Then it was time for the unique Triple Threat Match that would determine the fourth member of Team RAW for Bragging Rights as Legacy teammates Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase were forced to face, not only each other, but John Cena! During the bout, WWE Champion Randy Orton came out to ringside and distracted Cena. However, Orton’s plan did not go as he thought it would as Cody Rhodes snuck up on his tag partner, Ted DiBiase, and rolled up DiBiase to win the match and become a part of Team RAW at Bragging Rights! After this shocking win, Orton & Legacy were on the verge of a meltdown until Guest Host Nancy O’Dell appeared and informed Legacy that they would be facing a team that will have more dysfunction then they have when they face Bragging Rights opponents Randy Orton & John Cena in a tag team match! How in the world will Orton & Cena co-exist as a team just under two weeks before they square off in a 60-Minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship?

It was announced during RAW that, on WWE Superstars, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters would go one-on-one with "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry with the winner filling the final spot for Team RAW. Which powerhouse competitor will be heading to Bragging Rights to represent RAW?

Before the final spot could be determined on Thursday’s Superstars, two more spots were open and one was on the line as familiar adversaries MVP and Jack Swagger did battle. Staying true to his declaration to stay undefeated for the rest of the year, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger defeated MVP to earn his spot on Team RAW at Bragging Rights!

Two spots remained and with one to be decided on WWE Superstars, former United States Champion Kofi Kingston faced off with fellow high-flyer Evan Bourne. In the end, it was an incredible delivery of Trouble In Paradise that led to Kofi pinning Bourne to earn his spot! Kofi joins DX, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, & Jack Swagger on Team RAW, who will be the final man to represent Team RAW? Will it be "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters or "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry? Who will be selected from SmackDown as the representatives to face RAW?

Being accompanied by the Guest Host of RAW, Nancy O’Dell, Maria Menounos made her way to the ring to compete in her first wrestling match as she teamed with former Women’s Champion, Gail Kim, and the capable Kelly Kelly to battle "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, & Rosa Mendes. Menounos was able to stay unharmed and out of Beth Phoenix’ way in the 6-Diva Tag and was actually on the winning team after Kelly Kelly pinned Rosa Mendes!

One week after capturing the United States Championship, The Miz made an appearance on RAW. The self-proclaimed "awesome" Superstar demanded that the fans respect him before making a big announcement regarding WWE Bragging Rights. Miz revealed that there will be a RAW Vs. SmackDown, Champion Vs. Champion match at the event as he sqaures off with former tag team partner and SmackDown Superstar, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison! What will happen when these two former tag team champions face each other one-on-one? Which champion will come out the victor?

Before he was forced to team up with his bitter rival, John Cena, to face his own proteges, WWE Champion Randy Orton revealed that he talked to next week’s Guest Host, Snoop Dogg, and Snoop agreed to put John Cena in a match next week. While he did not tell us who Cena would face, Orton did reveal that it would be "one of the biggest matches" of Cena’s career! Who is this mystery opponent?

Then it was time for the potentially explosive main event as the dysfunctional Legacy faced the impossible team of WWE Champion Randy Orton and his challenger, John Cena! As one would expect, Orton & Cena were far from good tag partners and mostly relyed on blind and forceful tags. At one point in the contest, Orton was forced to face off with Legacy, but the WWE Champion quickly tagged himself out. However, Orton would quickly tag himself back in so that he could assault his own partner, John Cena! However, with Orton’s attention on Cena, Ted DiBiase was able to sneak up behind his mentor and roll-up Orton to pin the WWE Champion and win the match! Orton did not have much time to process what had just occurred as "The Viper" was laid out with an Attitude Adjustment by John Cena! Seemingly on top of the world at that moment, Cena came crashing down to earth when his opponent for next week was revealed to be none other than "The Game" Triple H! What will happen when these two very familiar opponents meet one-on-one next week? If next week’s RAW turns out to be Cena’s last, what kind of last impression will Cena make on his departure?

The 175th edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky in "The Horse Capital of the World"- Lexington, KY. The debate over who is the true #1 Contender for the ECW Title continued as ECW Champion Christian teamed with the man he believes should be the #1 Contender, Yoshi Tatsu, to face two men who believe they deserve another shot at the championship- William Regal & Zack Ryder.

ECW on Syfy
Good Week For: Paul Burchill (got a small taste of vindication with a win over The Hurricane)
Bad Week For: William Regal (was betrayed by his partner and pinned by Christian)

And In Other News…

No time was wasted in getting the action underway as ECW kicked off with "The Bizarre Lonestar" Goldust trying to topple the intimidating force known as Ezekiel Jackson. The veteran Goldust looked like he had the number of "Big Zeke", but a timely distraction by Zeke’s partner in crime, Vladimir Kozlov, led to Ezekiel taking advantage and defeating Goldust. After the match, "The Moscow Militant" Vladimir Kozlov sent a message to Goldust and the ECW locker room by laying Goldust out with the Iron Curtain! Is there anyone who can stop the team of Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov?

Paul Burchill’s quest to uncover the true identity of The Hurricane took a positive turn for "The Ripper" as Paul Burchill scored an impressive win over ECW’s resident superhero! Is Paul Burchill finally satisfied or will he continue to pursue The Hurricane?

Then it was time for the tag team main event that has some major ECW Championship implications as the ECW Champion Christian teamed with "The New Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshi Tatsu to face "The British Brawler" William Regal and his reluctant partner, Zack Ryder. The end of the contest was an interesting one as it was Zack Ryder who betrayed his own partner, William Regal, and assisted Christian in hitting the Killswitch on Regal and scoring the win for himself and Yoshi Tatsu! What backlash will their be from William Regal and Regal’s mountainous cohorts, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov?

The 27th edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN and from the Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. Two familiar rivals would cross paths as former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk went one-on-one with the reigning Intercontinental Champion John Morrison in a non-title match. The final member of Team RAW for the Bragging Rights Tag Match would be decided as "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry squared off with "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Also, "The Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov would face off with the "ECW Original" Tommy Dreamer.

WWE Superstars
Good Week For: Mark Henry (despite a bad knee, earned the final spot on Team RAW)
Bad Week For: Tommy Dreamer (decimated by both Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson)

And In Other News…

WWE Superstars kicked off with the RAW portion of the show as "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry faced "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters with the winner earning the final spot on Team RAW in the RAW Vs. SmackDown Bragging Rights Tag Match. Despite a bad knee, Mark Henry was able to hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Chris Masters and pick up the win! Mark Henry will join Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, & D-Generation X at Bragging Rights when Team RAW goes head-to-head with Team SmackDown to determine brand superiority? Who will join captain Chris Jericho on Team SmackDown? Which brand will earn "bragging rights" one week from this Sunday?

Two days after decimating Goldust on ECW on Syfy, Ezekiel Jackson was at ringside as his Russian comrade, Vladimir Kozlov, faced off with Tommy Dreamer in ECW’s contribution to WWE Superstars. The match had a similar result as the ECW match as Ezekiel Jackson provided the assist that allowed Vladimir Kozlov to defeat Tommy Dreamer! After the match, "Big Zeke" laid Dreamer out with Total Domination! In a week’s time, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov have destroyed two veteran competitors in Goldust & Tommy Dreamer. What, or who, will it take to defeat this monstrous duo?

Then it was for the main event as SmackDown presented a non-title match between CM Punk and Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, with Morrison’s Bragging Rights opponent, The Miz, on commentary. John Morrison looked to have the match won as "The Guru of Greatness" set CM Punk up for Starship Pain. However, The Miz interfered as the United States Champion attacked CM Punk in order to get John Morrison to lose via disqualification! After the match, Morrison took his aggression out on CM Punk by hitting the Flying Chuck Kick on the former World Heavyweight Champion! What will happen between these two former friends and tag team partners when they square off at Bragging Rights? What will happen on SmackDown when these two present the Slammy Award winning series "The Dirt Sheet"?

Nine days before WWE Bragging Rights, the 530th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky in "The Horse Capital of the World", Lexington, KY. Nine days before they join CM Punk and World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the title, best friends would go one-on-one as "The Animal" Batista took on "The Ultimate Underdog" Rey Mysterio. Also, Bragging Rights opponents and former tag team partners would come face-to-face as the Slammy Award winning show, "The Dirt Sheet" returned. SmackDown would also feature a series of qualifying matches to determine the six SmackDown Superstars who would join team captain, Chris Jericho, at Bragging Rights when Team SmackDown faces Team RAW.

Friday Night SmackDown
Good Week For: CM Punk (laid Rey Mysterio out and gets his rematch next week)
Bad Week For: Batista (suffered his first pinfall loss, amiss controversy, to Rey Mysterio)

And In Other News…

On a night with major Bragging Rights implications, SmackDown kicked off with the General Manager of SmackDown, Theodore Long, who proclaimed that he is in charge of making sure that Team SmackDown beats Team RAW at Bragging Rights and that he made the decision to name Chris Jericho as the team captain for SmackDown. The team captain then came out and proclaimed that Long made the "right decision" in selecting him as the captain. The Unified Tag Team Champion then stated that, after he loses at Bragging Rights, John Cena will want to come to SmackDown, but that he is "the man" on SmackDown and that Cena will have to "go through" him to succeed. Jericho then states that he needs a team that will "listen" to him and then proclaimed that Team SmackDown will beat Team RAW at Bragging Rights. The confident team captain then took out the new D-Generation X book and claimed that the book was "full of lies" before ripping the book to shreds and declaring that he, and Team SmackDown, will do the same to DX and Team RAW at Bragging Rights. Jericho was then interrupted by "The Big Red Machine" Kane, who bestowed it upon himself to be the co-captain of Team SmackDown! An intimidated Chris Jericho agreed with Kane and claimed that he was getting ready to announce that himself. "The Big Red Monster" then declared that Team RAW will "go up in flames" at Bragging Rights. We now know two of the seven Superstars that will fill out Team SmackDown. Who will be the five SmackDown Superstars that join Kane & Chris Jericho?

The opening match of the night was a Triple Threat qualifying match to determine the third SmackDown Superstar that will be a part of Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights as Dolph Ziggler, Finlay, & Mike Knox did battle. The end of the match came when Finlay was able to get a hold of his trusty shillelagh and clock "Monstrous" Mike Knox with it, knocking the big man down and out. When it looked like Finlay was going to pin Knox and head to Bragging Rights, an opportunistic Dolph Ziggler pulled Finlay out of the ring and pinned Knox to win the match! With this win, Dolph Ziggler joins Kane & Chris Jericho on Team SmackDown. Who else will join the team?

Next up was a tag team qualifying match where both members of the winning team would join Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights. The two rival teams of Cryme Tyme and The Hart Dynasty squared off, but in the end, it was Cryme Tyme who got the win and earned their spot on Team SmackDown as they join Kane, Chris Jericho, & Dolph Ziggler. Five Superstars have qualified and two remain. Who will be the final two?

Backstage, CM Punk catches up with WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and pleads his case to "The Boss" about his one-on-one rematch for the World Heavyweight Title against The Undertaker. While Mr. McMahon refused to call of the Fatal 4-Way at Bragging Rights, he did grant CM Punk his one-on-one rematch against The Undertaker next week. However, at Punk’s request, it will not be a normal one-on-one bout as it will be a rematch of the controversial title match at Breaking Point as The Undertaker will defend the World Heavyweight Title against CM Punk in a Submission Match with General Manager Theodore Long at ringside and with Scott Armstrong as the referee! With the deck clearly stacked against The Undertaker, can "The Phenom" survive as World Heavyweight Champion next week or will CM Punk regain the gold under his requested stipulations?

Then it was time to decide the sixth Superstar that would be joining Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights as Matt Hardy went one-on-one with the debuting Eric Escobar, with girlfriend Vickie Guerrero at ringside. In classic Vickie Guerrero fashion, Vickie faked a leg injury on the apron to momentarily distract Matt Hardy and allow Escobar to run Matt Hardy into the ring post and roll-up Matt and hook the tights to pick up the win! Regardless of the devious end of the match, Eric Escobar made a very impressive debut as he defeated the veteran Matt Hardy to earn a spot on Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights! Kane, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Cryme Tyme, & now Eric Escobar will be a part of Team SmackDown, but who will join them as the seventh and final member of the team?

SmackDown also saw the return of the Slammy Award winning show, The Dirt Sheet, as Bragging Rights opponents, The Miz & John Morrison, presented the show. As one would expect, insults were hurled back and forth between the two former tag team partners. After the two champions sat down, John Morrison asked The Miz if Miz’s United States title belt was real or if he bought it. Miz responded by declaring that he will prove that he was the star of their tag team at Bragging Rights. The Intercontinental Champion then referred to The Miz as "husky" and a "conformist". Miz then said he would prove his worth in nine nights at Bragging Rights. Morrison then declared that SmackDown is better and called RAW a "cheap version of Saturday Night Live". Miz responds by declaring that he is the "most entertaining" Superstar in the WWE. Stating that "words are cheap", John Morrison then got out of his seat and challenged Miz to "do something". The intense Intercontinental Champion then got into the face of the United States Champion, but The Miz backed out of a potential fight with Morrison and left the ring! Is The Miz afraid of John Morrison or does The Miz feel that the fighting is best kept for Bragging Rights?

Six members were known and one remained as the final qualifying match for Team SmackDown took place between bitter rivals R-Truth and Drew McIntyre. In a rematch from WWE Hell in a Cell, McIntyre made the back of R-Truth his focus and, once on the outside, swept the legs out from under R-Truth which caused R-Truth’s back to smack the steel steps! McIntyre then slid back into the ring as R-Truth just barely missed beating the count as McIntyre won the match via count-out! Team SmackDown is now complete with Chris Jericho, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Cryme Tyme, Eric Escobar, & Drew McIntyre filling the team. How will Team SmackDown fare against D-Generation X, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, & Mark Henry? Which brand will reign supreme at Bragging Rights?

World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker made an appearance with a brief, but powerful, message to CM Punk for next week as "The Deadman" proclaimed that history will not repeat itself next week and that he will read Punk his "last rites" next week on SmackDown. Will Undertaker’s prediction come true or will "The Phenom" no longer reign over SmackDown as the champion come next week?

Then it was time for the main event as best friends went one-on-one as Batista faced off with Rey Mysterio. Regardless of how questionable it was, Rey Mysterio did manage to roll-up Batista to get the upset and gain major momentum for the Fatal 4-Way Match at Bragging Rights. Even though Batista had his shoulder up before the three-count, the referee did not see it and the decision stood. After the initial confusion and disappointment, Batista embraced Rey and showed that they are still friends. However, after Batista exited the ring, CM Punk rushed in and hit the GTS on Rey Mysterio before quickly escaping through the crowd! Batista then came in to check on his fallen friend. How will Batista respond to Punk’s attack on Rey? Who will be World Heavyweight Champion after next week’s SmackDown?


Superstars of the Week: Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)

Superstar Profile of the Week
Name: Cody Rhodes
Born On: June 30, 1985 in Marietta, GA
Age: 24
Resides: Charlotte, NC
Billed From: Charlotte, NC
Wrestler Since: May 13, 2006
 Trained By: Dusty Rhodes, Al Snow, Ray Lloyd, & Bruno Sassi

Three Time World Tag Team Champion (1x w/ Hardcore Holly & 2x w/ Ted DiBiase)
Son of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes