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ECW on Syfy October 20, 2009 Detailed Results

The 176th edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the Colonial Life Arena at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

Quick Match Results

  • #1 Contender’s Match for the ECW Title: Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder by pin following the Leapfrog Splash to become the #1 Contender for the ECW Title.
  • Sheamus def. J.T. "Puma" Quinn (jobber) by DQ after Shelton Benjamin interferes.
  • Non-Title: Christian def. Chris Jericho by pin following the Killswitch.

Match Quality

  1. Christian Vs. Chris Jericho
  2. #1 Contender’s Match
  3. Sheamus Vs. J.T. "Puma" Quinn

Detailed Results

ECW on Syfy kicked off with Abraham Washington and Hall of Famer Tony Atlas as Abraham referred to himself as the "host" of ECW, but Abraham’s spotlight was quickly stolen after Chris Jericho walked through the frame! The Unified Tag Team Champion asked Abe where the General Manager’s office is at and, after Washington answered the visitor from SmackDown, Abe asked Jericho if he would like to be on "The Abraham Washington Show" sometime. Jericho responded by telling Abraham that the talk show host would like it if Jericho was a guest. What is the co-captain of Team SmackDown doing on ECW? What business does Chris Jericho have with the General Manager of ECW?

Finally putting the debate to rest, the opening match of the night was determine who the #1 Contender for the ECW Championship would be as Yoshi Tatsu went one-on-one with Zack Ryder. "The Burning Hammer" Yoshi Tatsu was able to use his lightning-quick, unique offense to put Ryder away and become the new #1 Contender for the ECW Title! Later in the show, it was announced that Yoshi Tatsu will get his shot at the ECW Championship as he challenges Christian for the title on next week’s ECW! Will the young Superstar prevail and become the ECW Champion or will "Captain Charisma" use his experience to retain his title?

Backstage, Chris Jericho meets up with ECW General Manager Tiffany in the GM’s office and reveals that he is there to "scout" the ECW roster for potential members of Team SmackDown! Tiffany denied the co-captain’s request and told Jericho that he could "watch" the show, but nothing else!

Despite the orders of the General Manager, Chris Jericho confronted William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson, & Vladimir Kozlov and expressed his interest in Regal’s large cohorts for Team SmackDown, stating that "Big Zeke" & Kozlov would be a welcome replacement for Cryme Tyme on Team SmackDown! Tiffany then steps in and tells Jericho that he is no longer "welcome" on ECW! Jericho responds by telling the GM that he is one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, meaning he can appear on any brand he pleases. Realizing that she would not be able to keep the stubborn Jericho from ECW, Tiffany put Jericho in a one-on-one match with ECW Champion Christian in the main event! Who will come out victorious when these two familiar foes face off?

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus was in action against J.T. "Puma" Quinn. Sheamus easily dominated the match, but repeatedly refused to pin the "Puma". However, Shelton Benjamin rushed to the ring and assaulted Sheamus in and out of the ring before Sheamus was finally able to escape "The Gold Standard"! With his shoulder healed, Benjamin is ready to continue his rivalry with Sheamus. When will we see these two Superstars face off again?

Paul Burchill, and his sister Katie Lea Burchill, made an appearance on ECW as Paul touted his win over The Hurricane last week. "The Ripper" referred The Hurricane as a "fraud", while he has "good family values". Burchill then stated that his victory last week was not only for him, but for "sanity and honesty". Burchill then proclaimed that his win last week has "exposed and eliminated" the "fraud" of The Hurricane. "The Ripper" then demanded that The Hurricane come to the ring and unmask in front of everyone and admit that Paul is the "better man". Hurricane came out and stood before Paul, who demanded that The Hurricane hand him the mask. Surprisingly, Hurricane easily handed the mask over, but when Burchill thought he had "exposed" The Hurricane, the man rose his head to reveal that he was neither Gregory Helms or the real Hurricane! Quickly realizing what was taking place, "The Ripper" sent the foe Hurricane out of the ring and anticipated the arrival of the authentic Hurricane. The Hurricane rushed into the ring and attacked Burchill with a "hurri-cane", which sent "The Ripper" away from the ring! Burchill expected that things were over between himself and The Hurricane, but it looks like the rivalry between these two is alive and well. What can we expect from these two next?

Then it was time for the main event as ECW Champion Christian went one-on-one with one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions and the co-captain of Team SmackDown, Chris Jericho, in a non-title bout. The former partners and rivals fought each other in a classic confrontation, but in the end, it was the ECW Champion who used the Killswitch to pick up the win over Jericho! With this win, Christian picks up some major momentum heading into next week’s title defense against the new #1 Contender, Yoshi Tatsu. Will Christian’s reign atop ECW continue or will Yoshi Tatsu upset Christian and claim the ECW Championship?