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TNA: Reason Why Nigel McGuinness Did Not Sign With WWE!

According to, it is believed that Nigel McGuinness signed a two-year deal with TNA. TNA approached McGuinness when WWE pulled their initial offer to McGuinness. The reason the offer was pulled was due to the results of McGuinness’ pre-contract screening. That screening turned up several injury issues that led to the company backing off on their interest in signing him. This reportedly happened 5-6 days ago, and McGuinness was instructed to keep quiet when asked about his WWE status.

TNA president Dixie Carter is a big fan of McGuinness, and wanted to sign him some time ago. McGuinness had signed with ROH, when the company made the jump to PPV, and TNA instead hired Doug Williams. McGuinness is the one that came up with the Desmond Wolf name, this was done so that he could keep the McGuinness name and so TNA could trademark the new name.

ROH did not know that McGuinness signed with TNA until he showed up in Orlando yesterday. According to sources in WWE, Bryan Danielson passed his pre-contract screening and is expected to start shortly with the company.