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WWE: Jim Ross Likely To Be At Home For A Few Weeks

Jim Ross has been dealt with some not-so-good news as the neurologist
confirmed that he suffered a full blown Bell’s palsy that affected the right
side of his face and his vision. Doctors are concerned about the cornea in
his right eye being damaged so JR has to cover his eye and use artificial
tears to help the process. "Talk about tough and committed….wife Jan has
to not only sleep with me wearing my sleep apnea mask but now I’m wearing an
eye patch, to boot," joked the WWE Hall of Famer on his
website. Ross added that his face "drooped some on the right side" although
he can talk well from the left side of his mouth. An MRI is being done
tomorrow to see if there was any brain damage or anything abnormal. "My time
line on returning to work is unknown as I write this," he continued, so
Grisham will have to work with Michael Cole most likely for the next few
weeks during Smackdown. Ross said that he received a lot e-mails and text
messages from Vince McMahon, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, Dusty
Rhodes, Gerry Brisco, Taz, Dr. Death, JBL, Ric Flair and others who sent in
their best wishes and speedy recovery. "Let me assure you that nothing makes
me happier professionally than broadcasting wrestling and being around the
product. I love our business and I can assure you that you haven’t seen the
last of me yet," concluded Ross.