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WWE: Vince McMahon Demanded John Cena’s Unplanned Cut Be Cleaned Up!

John Cena being busted open during last night’s Iron Man match was not planned. He was cut by the corner of the box that surrounds the microphone. When it happened, Vince McMahon quickly ordered that Cena be cleaned up right away. At this point, WWE’s John Laurinaitis ran down to ringside with WWE trainers and tried to clean Cena up, but he wasn’t sure what they wanted him to do and went into a babyface comeback on Randy Orton. They did eventually clean him up and glue the cut shut.

WWE wanted the blood cleaned up because they didn’t want Cena and Orton going into the crowd with blood on them due to health issues and because it’s a sticking point with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission. They also didn’t want to create new issues with Linda McMahon’s Senate opponents.