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Big TNA News: Eric Bischoff Follows Hulk Hogan And Joins TNA!

Hulk Hogan’s announcement about TNA sent major shockwaves around the
wrestling industry today and TNA looks like they got an upper hand when it
comes to publicity this week. Hogan’s friend Eric Bischoff will also be
involved somewhat with the company however he will be working more on
projects involving TNA Superstars for his BHE TV production company. The
former WCW President will also probably appear on TV for TNA. Hogan’s
announcement was kept top secret and most within the TNA organization found
out just today about the signing. Hogan’s "enemy" – so to speak – Vince
Russo is part of TNA creative and the two were part of a big blow out during
the WCW days that resulted into a lawsuit. Bischoff isn’t exactly best of
friends with Russo either and it will be interesting to see how they will
all work together. Hogan will be on Larry King Live tonight on CNN to
discuss his book and his new TNA deal.