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ECW on Syfy November 3, 2009 Detailed Results

The 178th edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI. The main event would be ECW Champion Christian teaming with Yoshi Tatsu to face Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov. Paul Burchill & The Hurricane would also have a confrontation in the ring.

Quick Match Results

  • William Regal def. Goldust by pin following the Knee Trembler.
  • Shelton Benjamin (with Rosa Mendes) def. Zack Ryder by pin following Pay Dirt.
  • Vance Archer (in his WWE debut) def. Logan Jones (jobber) by pin following the Archer’s Bow.
  • Christian & Yoshi Tatsu def. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov by Christian pinning Vladimir Kozlov following the Killswitch.

Match Quality

  1. Vance Archer Vs. Logan Jones
  2. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Zack Ryder
  3. Christian & Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov
  4. William Regal Vs. Goldust

Detailed Results

Still reeling from the attack perpetrated last week by William Regal and company, ECW Champion Christian opened the show and made his way down to the ring with a purpose. Christian stated that there is only “one thing left to say”; that he wants to face William Regal, one-on-one! After William Regal did not come down to the ring, Christian threatened to find Regal! However, ECW General Manager Tiffany did come out and tells the ECW Champion to let her “handle” it. A fired-up Christian explained that he is “done” with Regal’s disrespect of everyone, including him. With Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov by his side, Regal comes out and asks Christian if “Captain Charisma” wants a match against him bad enough to put the ECW Championship on the line, to which Christian accepts! Tiffany steps in and reminds Regal & Christian that they both are scheduled to compete. Christian tells the GM to reschedule the matches before William Regal actually refuses the immediate title match! Regal explained that he has the “upper hand” and he will accept the match on “his terms”. Regal then gave “his terms” by saying that he wanted his title match to take place on the next edition of ECW when the show comes to Sheffield, England; his home country! Christian accepts the counter challenge and Tiffany makes it official, but not before adding the stipulation that Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov will be banned from ringside!


Once again the #1 Contender for the ECW Championship, William Regal was set to compete in the opening match, but as he made his way to the ring, Christian caught Regal with a baseball slide! The actions of Regal and company have incited the wrath of Christian, but is Christian falling for William Regal’s plan to become ECW Champion? Who will walk out of England next week as the ECW Champion?


Despite his “run in” with Christian, William Regal was still able to pick up an impressive victory over Goldust. Will Regal get the same result next week?


The newest ECW Diva, Rosa Mendes, served as the Guest Ring Announcer for a match between Zack Ryder and Shelton Benjamin; a match that Shelton Benjamin won thanks to Zack Ryder’s obsession with Rosa Mendes!


Paul Burchill made an appearance, with his sister Katie Lea Burchill, to issue a “proposition” to The Hurricane that would end their rivalry. After The Hurricane came into the ring and came face-to-face with The Burchill Siblings, “The Ripper” calls Hurricane a “fraud” and challenges The Hurricane to one last match between the two of them with some career-altering stipulations. If The Hurricane loses to Paul Burchill, then The Hurricane must unmask, but if Hurricane wins, then Paul Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea Burchill, will leave ECW! Not one to back down from a challenge, Hurricane accepted the proposition! When will this match take place? What will be the result of the contest? Will Hurricane be forced to unmask or will The Burchills leave ECW?


An intense monster of a man by the name of Vance Archer made his WWE debut as a part of the ECW New Superstar Initiative! This hard-hitting Texan decimated Providence’s own Logan Jones in a dominating fashion! Is the newest Superstar in ECW the biggest threat in ECW?


Then it was time for the tag team main event as ECW Champion Christian teamed up with Yoshi Tatsu to defeat the monstrous team of Ezekiel Jackson & Vladmir Kozlov! However, things took a bad turn for the ECW Champion after the match as William Regal came to the ring and got into a brawl with Christian before Ezekiel Jackson blindsided Christian! Regal and company decimated the ECW Champion before Regal locked in the punishing Regal Stretch on Christian on the outside of the ring! What kind of condition will Christian be in for his title defense against Regal next week? Will the advantage of being in his home country be the only advantage Regal has or has this attack won Regal the title a week early?