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WWE Friday Night SmackDown November 6, 2009 Detailed Results

The 533rd edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI. Batista Vs. Matt Hardy would main event the show.

Quick Match Results

  • 6-Man Tag: Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty def. John Morrison & Cryme Tyme by Dolph Ziggler pinning Shad following the Zig Zag.
  • Beth Phoenix def. Brittany Carter (jobber) by pin following the Glam Slam.
  • Drew McIntyre def. Jimmy Wang Yang by pin following the Scot Drop.
  • Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox by pin following the 619NS.
  • R-Truth def. CM Punk by roll-up with a fast count by referee Scott Armstrong.
  • Matt Hardy def. Batista by DQ after Batista hits Matt Hardy with a monitor.

Match Quality

  1. R-Truth Vs. CM Punk
  2. Rey Mysterio Vs. Mike Knox
  3. Matt Hardy Vs. Batista
  4. 6-Man Tag
  5. Beth Phoenix Vs. Brittany Carter
  6. Drew McIntyre Vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Detailed Results

The show kicked off with the World Heavyweight Champion as The Undertaker made his way to the ring and stated that the “dark birth” of The Undertaker took place at Survivor Series and after years of dominance at the event, men still challenge him to try and obtain the “holy grail” of SmackDown; the World Heavyweight Title. “The Phenom” said that Big Show’s desperation for a shot at the title led to the betrayal of Team RAW at Bragging Rights and that Big Show “won an opportunity to be terminated by the hand of The Deadman”! Undertaker then turned his attention to Chris Jericho by saying that few things give him “joy” in life and one of them is fighting alongside his brother, Kane, and another is fighting against his brother, Kane, and that Jericho took that away from him by defeating Kane last week. The champion then said that Jericho’s “fate, health, and soul” would be his come Survivor Series! Chris Jericho then came out and proclaimed that he is the “true phenom” of the WWE and that Undertaker has been “brainwashing” the fans into supporting him. Jericho then tells the champion that Undertaker is not “The Deadman”; that he is just a “man” and that he can beat anyone he chooses and he will do so at Survivor Series to reclaim the World Heavyweight Title! The Unified WWE Tag Team Champion then stated that he fears “no man”, including The Undertaker! “The Phenom” responds by grabbing the throat of Jericho! Jericho fights back against The Undertaker, but the power of The Undertaker overcomes Jericho and “The Deadman” knocks Jericho down with a big boot before Jericho rolls out of the ring!


Later on in the show, it was announced that, on next week’s SmackDown, for the first time ever, World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker will go one-on-one with Chris Jericho in a non-title match! Just nine days before they join Big Show in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, who will emerge victorious?


One week after defeating the Intercontinental Champion John Morrison via count-out, Dolph Ziggler was again victorious! This time in a 6-Man Tag match as he teamed with The Hart Dynasty to defeat Morrison & Cryme Tyme!


It would later be announced that, on next week’s SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler will get another shot at the Intercontinental Title as he challenges John Morrison for the gold! Can Dolph Ziggler finally grab the “brass ring” and become the Intercontinental Champion?


Backstage, Rey Mysterio is asked about Batista’s actions and words both at Bragging Rights and on last week’s SmackDown. Mysterio says that he would be lying if he said he was not upset, but that he will show Batista a side of him that Batista “never thought existed”!


At Survivor Series, Rey Mysterio will get his chance at redemption as he faces his former best friend, Batista, one-on-one! Will “The Ultimate Underdog” show this never-before-seen side he talks about or will “The Altered Animal” crush his best friend once again?


“The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix was in action as she picked up a dominate win over Brittany Carter. Can any one Diva stop the rampage of “The Glamazon”?


Drew McIntyre was set to go one-on-one with Jimmy Wang Yang, but when Yang got on the second turnbuckle during his entrance, McIntyre viciously shoved “The Asian Redneck” to the outside of the ring! McIntyre then proclaimed that he wants “competition” that is “worthy” of a future World Heavyweight Champion! McIntyre then exits the ring, but as he is doing so, Jimmy Wang Yang crawls back into the ring and orders the referee to start the match! The referee complies and rings the bell and, while Yang got some brief offense against McIntyre, the remorseless Scotsman quickly and decisively picked up the win! First, it was R-Truth, then Finlay, and now Jimmy Wang Yang. Whom will McIntyre target next?


Backstage, Batista comments on Rey Mysterio by saying that he is not there to “make friends”; he is there to be the World Heavyweight Champion and he will “hurt” anyone in his path to obtain that goal!


After learning he would be facing Batista at Survivor Series, Rey Mysterio was in action against “Monstrous” Mike Knox. Rey was able to pull off a hard-fought victory over Knox in the contest! Will Mysterio be able to achieve the same result when he faces Batista at Survivor Series?


One week after being assaulted and humiliated by CM Punk, referee Scott Armstrong was back to his refereeing duties. Unfortunately, for Armstrong, he was the referee for CM Punk’s match against R-Truth! After a near fall against the charismatic R-Truth, Punk blamed Armstrong and ordered Armstrong to “count faster”. While Punk was arguing with Scott Armstrong, Truth recovered and rolled up Punk. Doing as he was just told by Punk, Armstrong gave a lightning quick three count that resulted in R-Truth getting the win! Armstrong then quickly left the ring where CM Punk was absolutely shocked and enraged by what had just occurred! What will the repercussions be for this quick count?


At Survivor Series, ten SmackDown Divas will do battle in a Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match as Women’s Champion Michelle McCool will lead her team of Divas against Mickie James and her team of Divas!


Then it was time for the main event as Matt Hardy was out for revenge against Batista following an attack by “The Altered Animal” last week. After Matt Hardy rolled to the outside of the ring, the match broke down as Batista relentlessly attacked Matt and blasted Matt in the spine with a television monitor! This resulted in a disqualification win for Matt Hardy, but Batista continued the assault by throwing Matt into the steel steps! Batista then rolled Matt back into the ring before making his exit, proud of his actions against Matt Hardy. Will Rey Mysterio suffer a similar fate come Survivor Series or will Mysterio truly unleash a new side of himself against his former best friend?