Talking Point

Talking Point: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010

The following are just some comments from the WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Discussion Thread on the forums:

Had a few games with some friends last night, pro’s and con’s I’ve noticed so far are:

  • Body taking visible damage
  • Being able to follow your signature up with your finisher
  • Not losing your chance at a finisher if it’s countered
  • Wrestlers using ropes to help them up
  • Seem to have got rid of the annoying uncounterable “hold RB and strike” combo
  • Wrestlers interfering in exhibition matches
  • New superstar traits, like the awesome roll out of the ring function
  • Much better Royal Rumble


  • How long Taker/Khali and others take to get to the ring in a rumble
  • Multiplayer matches still involve too much running and falling over
  • Ladder matches still desperately need improving, MITB matches are never ending
  • Still some irritating camera angles outside the ring
  • Blood is better, but still doesn’t stain

Dear god, I love Ortons story, you can actually choose to be a proper bastard or “turn” at several points in it! And it has…..well, try it, you’ll see. It’s amazing how the little tweaks to the control system make it flow so much better, and frankly the wrestler models are now amazing. Love the fact that you don’t have to grind the career mode anymore. Still no lariatos in CAF though, dammit. No doubt about it, best Smackdown yet, and I haven’t even touched CAS.

I’m finding it hard to bring myself round to playing the game. It’s alright, but depsite the changes, I still find that it feels a bit stale. Also, it’s partly down to the fact that I’m still finding myself having alot of fun on the Beatles: Rock Band still.

Matt Denton:
I had a pretty epic match as Matt Hardy + Edge Vs Orton and DiBiase Jr. where not only did Cody Rhodes interfere on behalf of Legacy, but so did his daddy! I’m loving the fact that it’s not limited to someone hindering you and then here comes the cavalry, you can have spots of, damn now we’re screwed.

I went online to check the CAW downloads from other users and some of them are amazing. The only problem, and, to me, it’s a major one, is that you can’t edit them, copy them or alter their moveset, meaning you’re stuck with whatever moves they’ve been given (not so great when Bulldog has Jack Swagger’s moves).
Oh, and I made my CAW’s entrance video yesterday too; works a treat.

I had to future endeavor Hulk Hogan because he thought he was in the X division.

THQ have extended their contract with WWE through to 2014. So that’s 5 more SmackDown vs RAWs for us yet. I want to LOL at the THQ haters