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Big WWE News: A WWE Channel To Be Created by 2012?

About a month ago, rumors began circulating that WWE was seeking to create a WWE Channel, which would run WWE programming around the clock. Jim Ross even made light of it in one of his blogs saying that the idea did sound like a logical next step for WWE. The Los Angeles Times recently speculated on the idea, noting that NBC Universal might be partnering with WWE to launch the WWE network within the next 18 months. While nothing has been agreed to at this point, the idea would be that the network would roll-out by the latest, in 2012. Currently, NBC owns the Universal HD channel, which runs a replay of Raw every week, and the idea would be that the Universal HD channel would be renamed as the WWE channel. As it stands, however, a possible hazard for WWE acquiring the Universal channel would be that Comcast is currently negotiating to purchase the channel.