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ECW on Syfy November 24, 2009 Detailed Results

The 181st edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. ECW Champion Christian would make an appearance to discuss the upcoming WWE TLC pay-per-view.

Quick Match Results

  • Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder (with Rosa Mendes) by pin following Pay Dirt to become the #1 Contender for the ECW Title.

It was announced during the match that, if Shelton Benjamin won, he would become the new #1 Contender for the ECW Championship.

  • Vance Archer def. Alex Reynolds (jobber) by pin following Archer’s Arrow.
  • Yoshi Tatsu def. William Regal (with Vladimir Kozlov) by pin following the Buzzsaw Kick.

Match Quality

  1. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Zack Ryder
  2. Vance Archer Vs. Alex Reynolds
  3. Yoshi Tatsu Vs. William Regal

Detailed Results

The opening match of the evening was a rematch between “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin and Zack Ryder where, if Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder, he would become the #1 Contender for the ECW Championship! “The Gold Standard” did just that and will now face Christian for the ECW Championship!

The ECW Champion wasted no time in confronting his new #1 Contender as Christian came down to the ring immediately following Shelton Benjamin’s victory! The champion stated that he is out there to discuss the upcoming WWE TLC pay-per-view, saying that it is “no secret” that the ECW Championship has not been defended on pay-per-view in the last couple of months. “Captain Charisma” then proposes he and Shelton do battle over the ECW Title at the event in a Ladder Match! Christian then says that he wants to “steal the show” in San Antonio and he wants Shelton Benjamin to help him do it. The new #1 Contender agreed to face Christian for the ECW Championship in a Ladder Match at WWE TLC before vowing that there will be a new champion after the event! With two Ladder Match veterans going to war over the ECW Championship in the exciting, but dangerous, match, the odds are good for the ECW Title match to “steal the show”. Will Christian & Shelton Benjamin accomplish this goal? Who will walk out as the ECW Champion?

The newest ECW Superstar, Vance Archer, was in action on the show, picking up another dominant victory; this time over Bridgeport’s own Alex Reynolds.

Looking to get back in the ECW Title picture, William Regal went one-on-one with Yoshi Tatsu in the main event with Regal’s monstrous backup of Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov at ringside. In the middle of the match, Vladimir Kozlov got involved in the match by shoving Yoshi Tatsu towards William Regal in an attempt to allow Regal to take advantage. However, the plan failed as the shove helped Tatsu blast Regal with a buzzsaw kick to the head that earned him the victory!

After the match, Regal got in the face of his “ruthless roundtable” and demanded to know what had happened. Trying to cover his own tracks, Vladimir Kozlov used Ezekiel Jackson as the scapegoat for the incident! “Big Zeke” did not take kindly to the finger being, literally, pointed at him, and responded by planting “The Moscow Mauler” with Total Domination! After witnessing the fate of Kozlov, William Regal tried to calm Ezekiel down, but Regal was also planted with the same maneuver before Jackson stormed out of the ring! How will William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov react to the attack by Ezekiel Jackson? Has Jackson excommunicated himself from the trio?