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WWE: Mark Cuban To Wrestle On RAW? is teasing that Mark Cuban may be wrestling at RAW this coming week as he will be the special guest host. Cody Rhodes has challenged Cuban to get in the ring at this week’s show. It looks like they are playing off the RKO that Randy Orton gave Cuban back in 2003.

“We’ve had some guest hosts like Bob Barker who couldn’t get in the ring, but Mark Cuban is a pretty active guy,” Rhodes said. “I suggest that if he wants to get some payback on [Orton], he bring a couple of Cowboys or Mavericks to the ring on Monday and put his money where his mouth is. We’ll have an old-fashioned six-man tag match.”

Cuban’s response to the paper: “What makes them think I would need any help? Orton got lucky one time. It won’t happen again.”