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Details on the Health of Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu Prior To His Death

The Wrestling Observer has released a new report indicating that Eddie "Umaga" Fatu was noticeably in bad shape during the last few days of his life. Sources close to the situation noted that Umaga seemed completely out of it, and he was slurring his speech and reacting very slowly during conversations with others.

It’s also being reported that Umaga had been telling friends that he expected to return to WWE, and that he had reached some sort of agreement with the company that would have seen him return either at or around the time of the Royal Rumble PPV. Apparently the deal was reached with WWE at the time that he committed to working the "Hulkamania" tour, and WWE was attempting to secure Umaga’s deal in an effort to thwart Hogan’s tour. Umaga of course worked the tour anyways, even though WWE was not happy about it.

Additionally, Hulk Hogan did make an attempt to bring Umaga into TNA, however he told Hogan that he has already committed to working with WWE, and that he felt a certain amount of loyalty to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as they were the ones who pushed hard for him during his first run with the company.