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WWE 2009 Slammy Awards – My Winners

The 2009 Slammy Awards will be presented on Raw  and while my predictions will be of very little interest to Vince McMahon and his trophy-deciding cronies, here are the superstars who I think deserve to pick up the prizes.
The Straight Edge sermoniser has had an excellent 12 months, accruing two more world title reigns and finally cementing himself at the top of the WWE. After winning his second Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, Punk’s last act as a face was a decent one – a solid feud with the sadly-departed Umaga. However, the Chicagoan’s year took off with his devious title-winning cash-in, subsequent heel turn and summer altercations with Jeff Hardy.
Punk played the preachy, better-than-you card superbly and backed it up between the ropes as well, Summerlam’s TLC match a particular highlight. With the Charismatic Enigma out of the equation, a more hirsute Punk has continued to flourish. A programme with the Undertaker duly followed and while the Second City Saint relinquished his title, he gained further credence among the WWE faithful. The Superstar of the Year accolade would be fully warranted.
You could argue that the current United States Champion was an already-established member of the roster, having been part of such a dynamic and successful tag team, but 2009 was the year that Miz really came to the fore. Separated from his bro by the annual draft, it seemed the Chick Magnet could become the Marty Jannetty of the team. Not so.
A feud with Cena was Miz’s opening gambit on Raw and helped show all of his doubters that he was no ignoramus. The former reality-show star followed that with a pursuit of the US title – which he won in excellent fashion over an ever-improving Kofi Kingston – and more recently locked horns with his ex-ally Morrison.
With their recent elevations, Kingston and Sheamus may have a say in this category but the Miz justifies edging it. He has transferred himself from an annoying bit-part player into a fundamental part of the WWE, both now in and in the future. He has been truly awesome.
There is not much competition for this award but Jeri-Show are still very worthy winners. The duo have added prestige back into the tag team title picture – something I never though I would witness again – and as unlikely a twosome as Jericho and Big Show seemed when they came together, their alliance makes perfect sense.
The scheming mind of the Canadian mixed with the brute force of the World’s Largest Athlete has been an excellent combination. The union has allowed Jericho a reason to frequent all WWE programming and given an ailing and inflating Show a new lease of life. Whoever devised this combination has struck upon a gold mine.
Undertaker’s missus has to accumulate this one. She has been the most consistent diva throughout the past 12 months and her mid-year battle with Melina resulted in some pretty solid – and dare I say exciting – matches. Mickie James’ loss of joie de vivre added to the fact we have barely seen Beth Phoenix or Natalya, leaves Melina as McCool’s only credible rival, a challenge the former teacher should see off convincingly.
Survivor Series’ triple threat between John Cena, HHH and Shawn Michaels may have been an absolute pearl but nothing has compared to the stunning meeting between HBK and the Deadman. A match that had most WWE zealots salivating lived up the hype and more. It was an outstanding bout, emphasising why we love professional wrestling as much as we do. Winner of Match of the Year? An absolute no-brainer.
There have not been a plethora of shocking moments in the WWE this year, in fact most of that short list have come in the last few months – Randy Orton attempting to blow up Cena on the titantron, Kingston boom dropping Orton in the crowd at Madison Square Garden.
And for me, it is a recent moment that will take the award – HBK’s superkick on long-time buddy HHH. I sat there in anticipation of a glittering match at Survivor Series but I never expected to see the Icon decimate the Game with such a perfectly-timed leg movement. It was the epitome of Oh My God!

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The tagteam of the year should go to DX. They finally got tagteam titles after being together after so many years. If your not down with that we got two words for you…

I totally agree with all of your picks, except I think that it is a toss up between The Miz & John Morrisson & Michelle McCool & Mickey James.

To end the first comment: SUCK IT!!!! 😉
anyway, I disagree that CM Punk should be Superstar of the year, however, I don’t have a personal pick.

I agree with most of your picks, but I don’t think that CM Punk should be Superstar of the Year… Don’t get me wrong, I think he is great and everything, but I think Orton had a better run this year.

I think Legacy maybe deserve Tag Team of the Year? I also think Orton should get Wrestler of the Year. Taker/Michaels is a dead cert for MOTY but I hope the RAW EC Match from No Way Out gets credit-Mysterio & Jericho were in awesome form. I agree The Miz has had a very good year. When are the WWE going to push Shelton Benjamin properly? He could potentially have amazing matches with experienced wrestlers such as Jericho or Edge.

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