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WWE Friday Night SmackDown December 25, 2009 Detailed Results

The 540th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you on Christmas Day from the Amway Arena in Orlando, FL. Unified WWE Tag Team Champions D-Generation X would present "A DX Christmas" on the show, as well as defend their Unified WWE Tag Team Titles against The Hart Dynasty. After defeating Batista last week to become the new #1 Contender, Rey Mysterio would challenge The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Match Results

  • 8-Man Tag: John Morrison, R-Truth, Finlay, & Matt Hardy def. Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Dolph Ziggler by John Morrison pinning Dolph Ziggler following Starship Pain.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker (c) & Rey Mysterio fight to a No Contest after Batista interferes; The Undertaker (c) retains.

After Batista’s interference, all three Superstars engage in a back-and-forth fight that ends with Batista spearing The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 on Batista.

  • Cryme Tyme def. Pat Buck & Bryce Andrews (jobbers) by JTG pinning Pat Buck following the G-9.
  • Mickie James & Maria def. Beth Phoenix & Layla by Mickie James pinning Layla following the Mick Kick.
  • Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: D-Generation X (c) def. The Hart Dynasty by Triple H (c) pinning David Hart Smith following the Pedigree to retain.

Match Quality

  1. Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
  2. 8-Man Tag
  3. World Heavyweight Championship
  4. Mickie James & Maria Vs. Beth Phoenix & Layla
  5. Cryme Tyme Vs. Pat Buck & Bryce Andrews

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero, who, along with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. After some unwelcome assistance from the GM, Vickie’s Christmas dinner preparation in her backstage kitchen is ruined by the new DX “mascot”, Hornwoggle, who devours the turkey in front of the stressed Vickie Guerrero!

The opening math of the night saw the team of R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay, & former Intercontinental Champion John Morrison take on CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Dolph Ziggler, and the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre in a huge 8-Man Tag Match! After all eight men enter the fray, the contest completely breaks down, but in the end, it’s John Morrison who hits the devastating Starship Pain on Dolph Ziggler to pick up the victory for himself, R-Truth, Finlay, & Matt Hardy! Can John Morrison repeat the same success come New Year’s Day when he challenges the new Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre on SmackDown or will the new champion make his first title defense a successful one?

Former Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho makes an appearance and calls the concept of “A DX Christmas” a “travesty of justice” and calls General Manager Theodore Long “incompetent”! Jericho claims that WWE is in a “conspiracy” against him and calls himself a “victim”. Jericho then claims to be “the face of SmackDown” and questions what The Hart Dynasty has done to be named the #1 Contenders for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles. Jericho then says Jeri-Show were never “truly beaten”! The Hart Dynasty interrupts Jericho, to which Jericho responds to by saying he too trained in the legendary Hart Dungeon just like they did. Jericho calls the trio “punks” and asks what they have ever done to earn a title shot. David Hart Smith states that they do not run away from the problems they encounter. D-Generation X then interrupts the argument and appears on the big screen! Triple H says Jericho & The Hart Dynasty are “boring” everyone and Shawn Michaels presents a gift to remind Jericho of his former partner, a “Tickle Me Big Show”! Triple H says that “nobody cares” about The Hart Dynasty, but Shawn Michaels says he does “care” and he wants to give them the gift of a one-way ticket back to Canada! Jericho steps in and tells The Hart Dynasty that DX never takes anything seriously before getting in the faces of the trio and orders them to “make an impact”! Jericho then turns his attention back to DX and vows to regain the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles, but as soon as Jericho turns around, he is caught by The Hart Dynasty, who delivers the legendary Hart Attack maneuver to Jericho! After making their “impact” on Chris Jericho, is The Hart Dynasty on the fast track to getting the upset win over DX and claiming their first tag team titles?

After defeating his best friend turned intense rival, Batista, on last week’s SmackDown, “The Ultimate Underdog” Rey Mysterio would challenge The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the middle of the huge championship match, it looked like The Undertaker was poised to retain the World Heavyweight Title when Batista interfered in the contest and attacked “The Phenom”! The two big men brawl with Batista getting the better of the exchange with a Spinebuster to the World Heavyweight Champion! “The Animal” then went for the Batista Bomb on Undertaker, but “The Deadman” reversed the attempt. Rey Mysterio then joins the fray and delivers the 619 to the champion! Mysterio then goes to launch himself onto The Undertaker, but the World Heavyweight Champion grabs Rey by the throat! Seeing his opening to attack, Batista charges and delivers a Spear to The Undertaker! Batista charges at Mysterio, but Rey delivers the 619 and seated senton to “The Animal”! What will be the ramifications of the chaotic encounter between these three top SmackDown Superstars?

After laying out a sour Santa impersonator, the holiday hooligans known as Cryme Tyme were in tag team action with a win over Pat Buck & Bryce Andrews.

Back in the backstage kitchen with SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero & SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, the two heads of SmackDown were both victims of a pie to the face courtesy of the new DX “mascot”, Hornswoggle!

With Women’s Champion Michelle McCool on commentary, Mickie James teamed with the 2009 Diva of the Year, Maria, to face “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix and the best friend of Michelle McCool, Layla. After pinning Layla to win the match, Mickie James makes a beeline for the Women’s Champion, who makes a quick escape from an angry Mickie! Mickie is then blindsided by Beth Phoenix, who, in turn, gets attacked by Maria! Phoenix disposes of Maria and resumes the assault on Mickie James, who is viciously thrown into the announce table by “The Glamazon”! Have Michelle McCool & Beth Phoenix formed an unstoppable alliance against Mickie James and the rest of the SmackDown Divas?

It was then time for the main event of the evening as the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions D-Generation X would make their first SmackDown defense of the titles against The Hart Dynasty. After a rendition of Sweet Chin Music from the apron by Shawn Michaels and the Pedigree by Triple H, the legendary DX had a very Merry Christmas as they successfully retained their Unified WWE Tag Team Titles over the very determined Hart Dynasty! After the title retention, DX celebrated their win with their new “mascot”, Hornswoggle! With The Hart Dynasty failing to dethrone DX, which team will emerge to challenge the legendary duo for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles?