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WWE: RAW Superstar Admits To Marijuana Use!

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It was noted earlier this year that several WWE Superstars had their pushes stopped due to excessive marijuana test failures. After MVP appeared on Opie & Anthony last week, one could assume that he was one of those stars.

MVP appeared on the radio show on December 16th to plug WWE’s Troops Tribute but talked about how much he enjoys pot. MVP said when he was in Iraq, one of the soldiers told him that a lot of marijuana is grown in Afghanistan and MVP said he’s now disappointed this year that he didn’t get to go to Afghanistan.

MVP said that while he enjoys pot, he no longer does it because WWE’s $2,500 fines started to stack up.

MVP also told a story about doing a tryout match in TNA years ago when a “washed-up wrestler” came up to him and said he, MVP, was sitting in his seat. MVP sensed the guy was picking a fight and claims he got up and punched the wrestler in the face. MVP wouldn’t name who he claimed to punch but said his name rhymes with Maven. Obviously he was talking about Raven.

He was also asked about ring rats and said he got into the business 10 years too late because there are no longer women waiting in the hotels after shows. MVP blames this on Vince McMahon putting on a PG show.