WWE Raw vs TNA iMPACT: What a night!

Howdy ho guyz and galz!!! At the invite of the computer nerdz here at this is your friendly neighborhood Kizarnival Freak SiNN Bodhi reporting to you—the good humanz of the rasslin’ universe—about what yours truly has bouncing on my brain from a professional standpoint …I promise (fingerz crossed like a true carny) to give you an candid opinion on what iz happenin’ as it pertains to people who fight while wearing spandex…

Firstly, to inform any pessimists and/or arm-chair quarter backs that are asking them-ignorant-selves what qualifies me to write a rasslin’ column…Well besides my 15 minutes on WWE Smackdown, I have wrestled all over the world for over a decade and have wrestled and/or spent time around just about all the rasslers you wanna know about in some shape or form… I have: farted on Jake the Snake while he was asleep, imitated Dusty Rhodes to his face, had Undertaker ask me about a booboo I got on my finger, I drive-bye oil-checked Christian as he spoke with Vinnie Mac, bled my own blood into Raven’s mouth purposely by accident, witnessed Edge dry hump Hornswoggle, bowled with Jimmy Hart and Kamala, got pulled into U.S. customs with Kali, Jesse and Festus etc!!!  You can play the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with me as it relates to the squared circle… Sooooo, I am a freak that has a unique perspective from the inside of the guard-rail looking out and I am ready to share that perspective with YOU!!!!

A good place to start this column is with yesterdays’ RAW vs TNA… What a night!!! Bret on RAW and Hulkster on TNA… Who’d a thunk it??? I thought it was clever to have Hulk on just before RAW started so the rasslin’ universe would be sucked in and TNA would own the ratings that evening early on… I am sure there was a tone of channel surfing zipping and flipping back and forth totally screwing up the ratings!

The stand out stuff in my mind last night was the Nasty Boyz spray painting, yelling and eating donuts! AJ vs Kurt! Phenomenal, it’s true! HHH and Hornswoggle’s nonsense with Santino! (I love that guy! Lol) We got pulled over one time together, shhhhh! Son-a-ma-gun, don’t tell Vince! I think Kong is definitely amazing but all the girls worked reeeally hard and I wanna lick Maryse’s spray tan totally off! Hey Frenchy, ces que say what’s up?

I hope Bret and Shawn get to tag or something that would be nifty at some point… I’m sure when and if Bret and Vinnie Mac scuffle at Mania, Bret will make it great as it possibly can be!

I am proud of the ginger haired fellah, Sheamus… In FCW (WWE’s developmental system) he was Meat and I was Bull Durham lol… Even thou he is still very wet behind the years I think he is doing a great job! Sheamus and little Evan Borne I thought told a short but great little story about David and Goliath… I have rassled both—The Irish Rookie of the Year AND that flying squirrel Evan Borne and they are both a fun ride!

I do agree with Double J that Beer Money is the best tag team going today (Maybe with the exception of the Nasty Boyz!… And the Bella twins… And Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco… and the Rock n Sock Connection too!) I almost love the Nastys as much as Santino! I personally don’t wanna see Sean Morley (formerly Val Venis) strip (but I’m sure everyone with a vagina and possibly Eric Young does!) Morley is a great wrestler and I never understood why he wasn’t ever in the big main-eventski… Jeff Hardy was a pleasant surprise from TNA and me thinks him and Homicide could have a very creative and interesting feud… They are both innovativeand yet very contrasting (kinda like a Rey Mysterio vs Angle or Kane match).

I think the funniest thing I heard all night was the Pope calling Orlando Jordan a Whoopi Goldberg look-a-like! Hahahahah good stuff my niiii— good stuff. I think TNA proved that WWE has competition in that TNA has legends and up-and-comers alike with a boat load of talent…

Competition is healthy and we’ll just see what happenz???

Just thought I’d let you know what was on my meizind!!!….

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Bodhi actually thought The Nasty Boys and Santino/Hornswoggle were the highlights. No wonder you wrestled for ten mins on the main roster.

I really enjoyed you on Smackdown! I think your article shows insight on what’s going on and was happy to see someone give props to Sheamus.

Loved the article! Can’t wait for more! It is nice to finally see things through the eyes of someone who actually knows what they are talking about!
Oh.. and maybe you can explain about the Edge dry humping Hornswaggle?! LMAO

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