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WWE Superstars January 7, 2010 Detailed Results

The 39th edition of WWE Superstars was the first Superstars of 2010 and it came to you from the Nutter Center at Wright State University in Dayton, OH (RAW Matches) and Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY (ECW & SmackDown Matches). In a First Round Match in the Divas Tournament to crown a new Divas Champion, Gail Kim would go one-on-one with Jillian. “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay would go one-on-one with Mike Knox. Plus, Caylen Croft would make his one-on-one in-ring debut as he faces off with Yoshi Tatsu.

Match Results

  • Divas Tournament: Round One: Gail Kim def. Jillian by roll-up.

Gail Kim joins Maryse, who advanced on RAW, in the eight Diva Tournament to crown a new Divas Champion.

  • Ted DiBiase def. Chris Masters by pin following Dream Street.
  • Yoshi Tatsu def. Caylen Croft (in his singles match debut) by pin following the Buzzsaw Kick.
  • Finlay def. Mike Knox by pin following a shillelagh shot.

Match Quality

  1. Ted DiBiase Vs. Chris Masters
  2. Gail Kim Vs. Jillian
  3. Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Caylen Croft
  4. Finlay Vs. Mike Knox

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night was from RAW and it saw Gail Kim pick up the win over “The Sour Songstress” Jillian to advance in the Divas Tournament. Gail Kim joins Maryse in advancing in the Divas Tournament, but who else will join these two Divas in the tournament to crown a new Divas Champion?

Also from RAW, Legacy member Ted DiBiase was in action, picking up a hard-fought win over “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.

In the ECW contribution to WWE Superstars, Yoshi Tatsu went one-on-one with Caylen Croft, who was making his singles match debut in the WWE. With Caylen Croft’s tag team partner, Trent Barreta, in his corner, Yoshi Tatsu brought friend and mentor Goldust to even the odds. In the end, it was Yoshi Tatsu who picked up the win over Caylen Croft. Will Yoshi have the same success in the ECW Homecoming Finale?

The main event of the evening was from SmackDown and it saw Finlay go one-on-one with Mike Knox. Utilizing his trusty shillelagh behind the referee’s back, Finlay was able to waylay Mike Knox and pick up the win!