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Big TNA News: Hulk Hogan Wants iMPACT! To Air On Monday Nights Permanently!

Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba "The Love Sponge" radio show today to talk about Monday’s live iMPACT! Hogan said that he will be trying to move the show permanently to Monday nights after discussing it with TNA President Dixie Carter, Bischoff and Spike TV officials and while he knows the move would cost them a lot of money, a lot of money has to be spent to eventually make money. Hogan was confident that,slowly, they will manage to convert WWE fans into watching TNA. Hogan added that he didn’t agree that they had to tape next week’s show the day after the live iMPACT! as it affected the whole show. Hogan only appeared backstage during the Tuesday tapings which will air next Thursday. Yesterday Bubba also discussed TNA on his show taking comments from callers.