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WWE Friday Night SmackDown January 8, 2010 Detailed Results

The 542nd edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. After having his spot as #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title taken away by SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio must go one-on-one with intense rival, Batista, with the winner heading to the Royal Rumble to challenge The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Match Results

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Kane by Count-Out.
  • 6-Man Tag: Chris Jericho & The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) def. R-Truth & Cryme Tyme by JTG submitting to the Walls of Jericho by Chris Jericho.
  • Luke Gallows (with CM Punk) def. Matt Hardy by pin following Gallows’ Pole.

CM Punk temporarily distracted Matt Hardy and allowed Luke Gallows to take advantage and win the match.

  • Beth Phoenix def. Layla (with Michelle McCool) by pin with the Glam Slam.
  • #1 Contender’s Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Batista & Rey Mysterio fight to a No Contest after the gong of The Undertaker sounds.

Match Quality

  1. Batista Vs. Rey Mysterio
  2. 6-Man Tag
  3. Luke Gallows Vs. Matt Hardy
  4. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Kane
  5. Beth Phoenix Vs. Layla

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with “The Animal” Batista, who says he is the “rightful” World Heavyweight Champion before ordering General Manager Theodore Long to the ring! However, Batista did not get the GM, but he did get “The Master of the 619”, Rey Mysterio! Mysterio says that Batista is “blinded” by his “selfishness” and “greed” and that everyone can see it. The bold Mysterio then calls Batista an “arrogant crybaby” before explaining that, what he did last week, was “payback” for Batista costing him the title against The Undertaker. Rey then says that he is “ready to go” against Batista and asks “The Animal” if he is “scared”! Batista fires back and says that Rey does not “deserve” to face him and that he will make sure that Rey does not walk out of the arena! Rey then vows that he will walk out of the arena as the #1 Contender! Who will win in this escalating rivalry between two former friends? Who will challenge The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble?

In a rematch from last week, “The Platinum Superstar” Dolph Zigger went one-on-one with “The Big Red Machine” Kane. Like last week, Dolph Ziggler applied a sleeper hold to Kane; but this time, the sleeper hold won the match for Dolph! Dolph locked in the classic submission maneuver on the outside of the ring and the quicker Ziggler was able to get back in the ring before the ten-count, while Kane just missed beating the count; giving Dolph the count-out victory!

After being unceremoniously kicked off of RAW after losing to DX, Chris Jericho was in 6-Man Tag action on SmackDown as Jericho teamed up with The Hart Dynasty to face the team of R-Truth & Cryme Tyme. In a chaotic match, it came down to Chris Jericho forcing JTG to submit to the Walls of Jericho, which won the match for Jericho and The Hart Dynasty!

With his “Straightedge Disciple” Luke Gallows accompanying him, “The Straightedge Superstar” CM Punk made an appearance to “save” a member of the audience, as promised last week. Punk states that, unlike those in attendance, he “keeps” his promises. Punk then selects a member of the crowd and tells the fan that he has “nothing to fear” and tells the apprehensive audience member to have a seat in the middle of the ring. Punk then has the fan raise his right hand and asks if he is going to stop treating his body like a “sewer” and, after the fan says he has “tried” to stop smoking before, Punk screams that trying is “not good enough” and explains that straightedge is about “doing” and not “trying”. The fan vows that he is going to “change” and Punk states that “actions speak louder than words” and that there is “one more thing” that the fan needs to do. Luke Gallows then pulls out hair clippers and Punk asks the fan if he “accepts straightedge” into his life before Punk proceeds to shave the fan’s head in the middle of the ring! Punk then says that, when the fan looks in the mirror, he will know he is “stronger” than his fellow audience members. Punk & Gallows then raises the arms of the appreciative fan.

After assisting CM Punk in Punk’s first “straightedge salvation”, Luke Gallows was in singles action against Matt Hardy. After a timely distraction by CM Punk, Gallows planted Matt with the Gallows’ Pole to pick up the win. Will either CM Punk or Matt Hardy win the ECW Homecoming Finale this coming Tuesday night?

“The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix was in action on SmackDown, picking up a dominant win over Layla. After the match, Michelle McCool & Layla double-teamed Phoenix and McCool delivered a vicious kick to “The Glamazon”. The 2-on-1 beat down continued until Mickie James made the save! Mickie & Phoenix cleared the ring of Team Lay-Cool, but, in a dose of payback from last week, Mickie lays Phoenix out with the Mick Kick! What will go down next between these four Divas?

Backstage, Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre stated that, last week, McIntyre “dominated” John Morrison last week and vows to be the first Intercontinental Champion to win the Royal Rumble Match! John Morrison then confronts the champion and says he “dares” McIntyre to say something to his face. McIntyre tells Morrison that it’s time Morrison accept that it’s “over” and that he is moving on to “bigger and better” things. Morrison responds by slapping the Intercontinental Champion in the face, which sparks a brawl between the two rivals! What will happen next between Drew McIntyre & John Morrison?

Then it was time for the main event as personal rivals Batista and Rey Mysterio went one-on-one to determine, once and for all, who will challenge The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Batista looked to be poised for victory when he had Rey set up for the Batista Bomb, but then the familiar gong of The Undertaker sounded and the lights went out in the arena! When the lights came back on, Batista was down in the ring! Rey took advantage and hit the 619 on Batista, but then the gong of The Undertaker sounded a second time! The lights once again went out and, when the arena was lit back up, Rey Mysterio was laid out! Following an apparent and mysterious attack by World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker, both Batista & Rey Mysterio were laid out in the ring, which leaves two very big questions unanswered; who is the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and why did The Undertaker bring a halt to the match that was supposed to determine who would face him for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble?