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Breaking WWE News: Fifteen Year Old Reports Randy Orton To The Police Following An Alleged Assault!

The Saugus Advertiser is reporting that Randy Orton was reported to the police by a fifteen year old male fan who said that the former WWE Champion assaulted him in a parking lot at Kowloon Restaurant earlier in the day. The teenager said that Orton spit the gum in his face and swore at him after he took a photo of him and then asked if he can take one more posing with him. The boy said that Orton refused and called him a derogatory name after spitting the gum in his face. The boy was in the company of his mother, who jumped at her son’s defense after witnessing Orton’s behavior. Allegedly Orton responded with "So sue me," when she confronted him. An eye witness in the parking lot came forward to support the fan’s story, according to Police Lt. Leonard Campanello. Police filed a hearing request on the matter for simple assault and battery. A clerk magistrate will determine if the incident warrants a criminal complaint, Campanello said.