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SSP#19: WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Predictions, Good Idea Bad Idea and the SSP Top Ten

It’s 2010 and I’m back with my wild predictions and wrestling input. It’s been 4 months since my last blog and for that, I apologise; I’ve been kept busy with various responsibilities but have returned on the anniversary of my first blog for wrestling101 to bring you my predictions on the Royal Rumble, as well as the latest going, ’s on and the usual SSP features.
Since I’ve been away a lot has happened; the return of the Monday Night Wars, the return of Bret Hart, the rise of Sheamus (who I featured on my One to Watch back in July) along with numerous others, Tommy Dreamer leaving ECW and the sad passing’s of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. Wrestling has changed so much over the last year and in most ways I feel for the better. The WWE finally has some competition again and the youth are finally finding their feet within the company; I expect 2010 to continue with the change beginning with the traditional and always popular Royal Rumble.

wwe royal rumble 2010

*** WWE Royal Rumble 2010 ***

The 23rd Annual from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Tag line: “I Am The One”

Featured Theme Songs: Hero by Skillet and Martyr No More by Fozzy

The Royal Rumble is my favourite PPV of the year; ever since I was a kid I loved the excitement created by not knowing who’s going to come through the curtain next or who’s going to win. Even nowadays with the knowledge of wrestling that I have, with the exception of a year or two, its still unknown who’s going to win, which is nice when you read so many spoilers about other matches or simply know what going to happen due to its predictability. The Rumble match itself can nearly always been torn between several people especially when there are now two major championships to fight for.

ECW Championship
Christian (C) Vs Ezekiel Jackson
Anyone that reads my blogs knows my feelings regarding the ECW title, when I mentioned two major championships in the introduction I did so on purpose. The ECW show is a show for wrestlers to prove them selves while having a few veterans around them to show them the way. To me this match is one of those situations where Big Zeke is being given a chance to prove himself on a main event level against arguably the best worker on the ECW roster. For that reason I can’t see Big Zeke winning but look forward to seeing what he can do on this stages, it is possible of course that the powers that be already feel he has proven himself and may reward him, but I see no reason to take the title off Christian, especially with so many heels on the ECW roster.
Winner: Christian

WWE Championship
Sheamus (C) Vs Randy Orton

This is a tough one to call, if Orton wins it will totally kill any push Sheamus has been given and with Orton being one of the golden boys, it’s hard to see it going any other way. However if Sheamus win’s it will push him to be taken seriously by the fans while still having Cena in the back ground to take him down once given the opportunity. A loss for Orton here won’t damage him at all and like I said would totally push Sheamus. The WWE need other stars in the limelight, and leaving the title on Sheamus puts him there while Orton and Cena don’t need the title right now as they are so over enough just being themselves. It would appear safe to say that a Legacy break up is upon us and if there is any truth to the rumours of DiBiase turning face and fighting Orton at WrestleMania then we may have our answer in that statement right there. I believe a loss would hurt Sheamus too much and expect the beginning of some sort of feud for Orton and Legacy leading up to WrestleMania.
Winner: Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

More of a tough one to call than the WWE Championship as I believe the winner of the Royal Rumble is going to fight the winner of this match at WrestleMania and the two possibilities I have in mind have been passed around the internet as possible matches at the big one. Rey Mysterio has been rumoured to fight CM Punk at WrestleMania, Punk is also a favourite to win the Rumble so that’s possibility number one. The second is the one that I am leaning towards, and that may be down to wishful thinking on my part and if you read my prediction for the Rumble match you will understand why. The Undertaker has been rumoured to be fighting both Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, as well as John Cena; all are also possibilities for the Rumble. In my opinion the build up involving HBK and Undertaker is too obvious and people would be more inclined to see Undertaker fight a new opponent rather that someone he has fought previously, as great as that match was. In saying that the WWE could very well have Shawn win the Royal Rumble and use that to challenge Undertaker for the title however imagine Cena vs Undertaker…that would draw serious interest. There are a lot more possibilities with Undertaker winning this match than Rey, for that reason I’m going with the deadman. I’m going to hold you in suspense a little longer before I tell you who my Rumble pick is.
Winner: The Undertaker

Royal Rumble Match
Similar to what I did last year, I am going to go over the possibilities for this years Rumble and my reasoning for that person winning, if I don’t name them then it’s because I don’t believe they will win the Rumble.

Chris Jericho Anyone that reads my blogs knows how much of a mark I am when it comes to Chris Jericho. There are two reasons why I think Jericho should win the Royal Rumble, the first reason is actually the same as I mentioned last year, it’s one of the only major honours that he hasn’t achieved, he certainly deserves it. The second goes back to what I touched on during the World Championship Match, Chris Jericho Vs The Undertaker. It could be a fantastic feud with a great build plus what better way to get back at D-X and HBK then by winning the Royal Rumble and costing HBK the chance of beating Undertaker in a re-match.

Kofi Kingston A real up and comer at the moment, there is a lot of buzz circling around Kofi Kingston and with good reason, he appears to have it all and it’s only a matter of time before he’s on top. The question is, it is too soon for the youngster? It may be, it may not be. I would personally love to see Kofi win the Rumble, if he doesn’t then he would have to be a shoe in for Money in the Bank this year. Kofi in my opinion is the only youngster deserving enough to win the Rumble.

Edge Will he or won’t he, that seems to be a big question on a lot of people’s minds. Some will say he is injured and he may well be, but then again so was John Cena the year he made his shock return and won the Rumble, if Edge does return then I can see no reason why he doesn’t win it. His appearance may even spark the rumoured WrestleMania match between himself and Jericho, he may even cost Jericho a Rumble win. Like Jericho, Edge has never won it and would also make him a major face upon returning, maybe to RAW?

John Cena Rumour has it that John has a back injury of some sorts, this may also be the reason why he’s not fighting for the WWE title and Orton is, if that’s the case then it’s possible the WWE don’t know where they stand with Cena if it turns out he needs surgery. It would be a waste of a build up leading in to WrestleMania. Then again the WWE have thrown us before and let’s not rule out the possibility of Cena Vs Undertaker at WrestleMania, love him or hate him, you’d still tune in to see John Cena Vs The Undertaker, they are afterall two of the biggest draws the WWE has.

CM Punk Like Edge and Jericho; Punk has never won the Rumble, a win here would also put him back into the main event picture where he belongs. Lets not also forget the rumour relating to CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, that’s very possible, especially if Rey manages to defeat Undertaker for the title. Punk hasn’t fought a lot of main event players yet, so he could be put against anyone for the first time. Punk has to be considered a strong favourite.

Shawn Michaels This could be HBK’s ticket to get his re-match with The Undertaker, but the Rumble is also one of the main feud makers while leading up to WrestleMania, who’s to say someone won’t cost HBK the Rumble which sparks a match between HBK and said person. Whatever Undertaker says on Raw this week could effect HBK’s Rumble outcome.

Triple H Triple H is someone I think a lot have forgotten about. He has been rumoured to be fighting Sheamus at WrestleMania and they are gym buddies. This is quiet possible and let me explain why as I know some of you will think I’m just pulling this out of no where. I was at WrestleMania last year, and the Irish contingence that was over there was amazing; there were tri-colours everywhere. Its possible that having an Irish born Champion fight Triple H on the main stage is a thank you to the Irish fans adding to the fact that Trips is mates with him and Vince has Irish blood. It may be a bit far fetched for some but if it is true then Trips winning could be the beginning of that possibility.

With all that said, I still have to stick with my main man Chris Jericho, surely it has to be his time.

Winner: Chris Jericho

“Did I hear that right, did they just announce you as one of the most iconic sports figures of the 20th century, you’re no icon, baddest man on the planet? You’re nothing but a washed up ex champion. You see I am THE WWE Champion and that makes ME the baddest man on the planet…”

Sheamus to Mike Tyson – Raw 10th January 2010

Good Idea

* Bret Hart, Bret Hart and Bret Hart!!!!!

Bad Idea

* These guest hosts that obviously know nothing about wrestling!

This is the breakdown of how I see things at the moment. As I said in the previous blog, I am taking a lot of things into consideration; overness (both as a heel and face), backstage goings on and general performances both in the ring and on the mic. I’m not going to include climbing / dropping in this edition as it’s been a while since my last entry but I will be including them during the next edition.





1. Sheamus (WWE Champion)

1. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Champion)

1. Christian (ECW Champion)

1. Michelle McCool (Womens Champion)

2. Randy Orton

2. Rey Mysterio

2. Ezekiel Jackson

2. Beth Phoenix

3. John Cena

3. Chris Jericho

3. Zak Ryder

3. Mickie James

4. Kofi Kingston

4. Drew McIntyre

4. Yoshi Tatsu

4. Maria

5. D-Generation X

5. Batista

5. William Regal

5. Maryse

6. The Miz

6. CM Punk

6. Shelton Benjamin

6. Alicia Fox

7. Legacy

7. John Morrison

7. Vance Archer

7. Kelly Kelly

8. Big Show

8. Kane

8. The Hurricane

8. Eve

9. MVP

9. Dolph Ziggler

9. Vladimir Zozlov

9. Natalya

10. Jack Swagger

10. R – Truth

10. Goldust

10. Layla

Your thoughts on anything I’ve touched on as always are more than welcome.

Until next time peeps..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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You’ve written lance archer. I’m pretty sure its Vance Archer. Don’t hold em to that, I’m not a big fan of the guy

I was thinking the same about HBK and The Undertaker. If the Deadman says no HBK could go on to win the Royal Rumble and go on to defeat Undertaker thus having his first singles title since 2002…and at WrestleMania thanks to HBK the undefeated streak will cease to exist!
Rest in Peace 17-1

Dude totally like this site and your article.You right about HBK not wining the rumble.I just think Taker will tell him next monday to earn the right to face him at WM26 by wining the rumble but it won’t happen,you see…You already RIP shawn just forget about the dead man.

HBK is the best and will always be, he is better off without Triple H, DX is over…YES!

I think Goldust or Yoshi Tatsu will be the next ECW champion. What’s your thoughts on the ECW title?
Undertaker will not lose until 19-1 then he will retire.
I am going to WrestleMania and I am only 11!!!

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