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ECW on Syfy January 19, 2010 Detailed Results

The 189th edition of ECW on Syfy came to you from the BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC. With just under two weeks to go until he defends the ECW Championship against Ezekiel Jackson at the Royal Rumble, ECW Champion Christian faces the mentor of “Big Zeke”, William Regal, in a non-title match.

Match Results

  • The Dudebusters (Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft) def. Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu by Caylen Croft rolling up Goldust.
  • Non-Title: Christian def. William Regal by DQ after Ezekiel Jackson interferes.

Match Quality

  1. Christian Vs. William Regal
  2. The Dudebusters Vs. Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night saw “The Bizarre Lonestar” Goldust team up with his recent protégé, Yoshi Tatsu, to take on The Dudebusters; Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta. Following some questionable double-team tactics, it was Croft & Barreta who came out as the winners over Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu.

Along with his girlfriend, Rosa Mendes, “The Long Island Loudmouth” Zack Ryder made an appearance on ECW and proclaimed that he is the “new heart and soul of ECW” and that, last week, The Hurricane learned that he is “the man” on ECW! Ryder then demanded that everyone refer to him as the “new heart and soul superhero of ECW”, even going as far as having the ECW Ring Announcer, Savannah, announce him as such! As Rosa shouted at Savannah in Spanish, The Hurricane rushed the ring and attacked Ryder, sending “The Long Island Loudmouth” out of the ring!

Then it was for the main event as ECW Champion Christian would go one-on-one with William Regal, the mentor of his Royal Rumble opponent, Ezekiel Jackson. The hard-fought match came to an indecisive conclusion as Ezekiel Jackson blind-sided Christian with a relentless attack that was capped off by William Regal hitting the Knee Trembler and “Big Zeke” hitting Total Domination, twice, on the ECW Champion to leave Christian laid out in the middle of the ring! Was this a sign of things to come at the Royal Rumble? Will the powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson take the ECW Title from Christian or will the resilient champion find a way to overcome “Big Zeke”?