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TNA: Taz Upset With The Way Vince McMahon Announced The End Of ECW

By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

TNA announcer Taz expressed his dissatisfaction with WWE’s announcement on last night’s ECW TV show that WWE was ending the ECW brand. Taz rhetorically asked why Vince McMahon didn’t pay tribute to the Original ECW during his announcement.

"So, WWE ending their ‘vision’ of ECW (thank god). ANY ORIG ECW wrestlers get a thanks? How about Paul Heyman did he get a thanks? Classy move!" Taz said on Twitter.

McMahon did not thank any individuals during his brief announcement on ECW. He simply thanked the producers/agents, production staff, and wrestlers for helping build the ECW brand.

Taz was an announcer on WWE’s Smackdown brand when he left WWE just before last year’s WrestleMania. Prior to that, Taz was the ECW brand’s color commentator from its inception in June 2006 before he shifted to Smackdown in August 2008.