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Big TNA News: Update On The Status Of Awesome Kong!

Following the altercation between herself and Bubba The Love and Sponge, we reported that TNA Knockout Awesome Kong asked TNA for her release from the company. is now reporting that TNA management denied Kong’s request to be released from the company and she is still under contract with TNA. As a result of the release denial, Kong did not appear on the UK tour as advertised, but did agree to work a match for TNA the night after the altercation with Bubba.

It’s also being said that the tension between Kong and Bubba has apparently been resolved following a meeting between Hogan, Kong, Bubba and Bischoff. It wouldn’t surprise many to see this possibly turn into a TV angle in the future. As we exclusively reported after the incident, several TNA sources claimed that they wouldn’t be surprised if the entire thing was provoked by Bischoff and Russo, so that it could be later used as an angle.