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WWE: Batista Starring with Rob Van Dam in New Straight-To-DVD Film!

Even though he’s not the leading man in the movie, former World Heavyweight Champion Batista found himself as the top man in marketing materials for the upcoming direct-to-DVD movie Wrong Side Of Town. Another former champion, Rob Van Dam, had the starring role in the movie with the lead character however even the artwork has Batista – credited as Dave Bautista – with his name larger in the middle and his photo occupying most of the artwork. The movie is about Van Dam’s character Bobby being a former Navy Seal seeking revenge by killing a crooked nightclub owner who attacked his wife. Batista plays the character of Ronnie, an old friend of Bobby who joins in to help after clearing a falling-out they had years ago. The movie – to be released on February 23 – also has Ja Rule and former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier (known as Mabel, Viscera, & Big Daddy V).

The movie will be available on Netflix when the DVD is released on Tuesday, February 23.