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WWE: Bret Hart Discusses Competing at WrestleMania & His Return To The WWE!

Bret Hart spoke to Alez Marvez of this week in a lengthy interview discussing his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. He says his parents and Owen Hart would say “hell froze over” if they were still around to see him return to WWE after a 14 year absence.

Hart teased that his current storyline with Vince McMahon would culminate with a match at WrestleMania. Despite the stroke he suffered back in 2002 and the fact that McMahon is 64 years old, he can still move around well enough to put on a good match.

“I’ll never put on the performance I want to have, but I’ll be able to do enough to entertain and give a good show. I’m very careful about what I do and allow myself to do and what can be done to me. WWE has gone through great effort to ensure all that and make sure I’m comfortable with everything.”

One thing he was unsure of when considering a return to WWE was how his past issues with Shawn Michaels would come into play. “When I came back, I didn’t know if the whole thing with Shawn would erupt again,” he said. “The truth is, Shawn has been real good with the whole thing. You can tell this is a weight lifted off his back, my back and I think even Vince to a certain degree. It feels like a new start.”

The Montreal Screwjob was a long time ago, but the situation set off such shock waves in the industry that even today, many fans can’t tell what aspects of his current WWE run are part of the storyline. “I’m trying to turn a negative into a positive,” Hart said. “I think this is good for wrestling fans. I know for a lot people this whole thing seems quite real. If I can deliver realism in today’s wrestling, I’ll think I’ve done a good job.”