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WWE: Old WCW Pay-Per-View Ideas Being Used In The Future?

WWE has a new survey up, asking fans about future pay-per-view events. Some of the concepts are old WCW concepts, here are the options…

Tournament Event – Single elimination "bracket style" tournament where Superstars would compete in multiple matches during the night to become the tournament winner.

Battle Bowl Event – Random tag-teams compete together – sometimes arch rivals – with the winning teams being put in a 2-ring Battle Royal. The winner could potentially receive a championship title match.

Money in the Bank Event – The main event "Money in the Bank" match requires Superstars to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase hung high above the ring. The winner can "cash in" the briefcase for a championship title shot throughout the year. Qualifying matches earlier in the event will determine participants for the "Money in the Bank" match.

Legends Event – Match participants would include WWE Legends from the past.

Roulette Event – Main event match stipulations would be determined by the spin of a roulette-type wheel.

War Games Event – Teams of 5 collide in 2 cages. 2 participants begin the match with a new participant added every 5 minutes. This process is alternated between teams until all members from both teams are present.

WWE Draft Event – WWE’s annual Draft where Superstars and Divas learn which brand they’ll be a part of for the next year. The Draft is often the beginning of new conflicts and matchups.

Street Fight Event – Main events would include "street fight" matches where there are no disqualifications and pin-falls count anywhere. Superstars often compete in normal street clothes.