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WWE: Full Financial Breakdown For 2009

WWE reported total 2009 revenue of $475.2 million compared to $526.5 million in 2008 total revenue. Due to some financial cutbacks with a 10 percent reduction in staff at the beginning of 2009, WWE reported that Operating Income was actually up to $77.1 million compared to $70.3 million in 2008.

Similar to the fourth quarter specific report, the revenue drop-off is attributable to the Consumer Products division, which was down 26.6 percent compared to 2008. Inside the numbers, DVD sales were down 32.6 percent and Licensing revenue (apparel, toys, video games) was down 26.1 percent.

Despite WWE stabilizing PPV business in fourth quarter 2009, PPV business was down $11.4 million with $80.0 million compared to $91.4 million in 2008.

The decline in PPV business was virtually off-set by an increase in TV Rights Fees, which increased to $111.9 million compared to $100.7 million in the prior year quarter.

The following is a break down of how each major business segment was a percentage of total revenue in 2009 ($475.2 million).
— TV Rights Fees: 23.5 percent
— Live Events: 22.9 percent
— PPV business: 16.8 percent
— Licensing: 9.4 percent
— Home Video (DVDs): 8.3 percent