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WWE Friday Night SmackDown February 12, 2010 Detailed Results

The 547th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, LA. Nine days before they step in the demonic Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Title at WWE Elimination Chamber, the six Chamber participants would be in three one-on-one matches, with the biggest of those seeing World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker going one-on-one with Chris Jericho in a No Disqualification Match, R-Truth would face John Morrison, and “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk would go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio.

Match Results

  • Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk (with Serena & Luke Gallows) by roll-up.

During the match, Serena got on the ring apron and distracted the referee while Luke Gallows attempted to attack Rey Mysterio. However, Rey countered the attempted attack by Gallows and rolled up CM Punk to pick up the win.

  • Non-Title: Drew McIntyre & Kane fight to a Double Count-Out.
  • Non-Title: Mickie James & Layla fight to a No Contest when Vickie Guerrero stops the match.

Following an incident backstage that saw Mickie James accidentally get cottage cheese on SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero, Vickie interrupted the one-on-one match between Mickie & Layla and made it into a 2-on-1 Handicap Match with Michelle McCool joining Layla in the match.

  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Non-Title: Team Lay-Cool def. Mickie James by Michelle McCool pinning Mickie James following the Faith Breaker.
  • Matt Hardy & The Great Khali (with Maria) def. The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) by Matt Hardy rolling up Tyson Kidd.

A fight between Maria & Natalya on the outside distracted Matt Hardy and Tyson Kidd tried to roll-up Matt Hardy, but Matt countered and rolled up Kidd to pick up the win.

  • R-Truth def. John Morrison by referee stoppage following an ankle injury by John Morrison.
  • No DQ: Non-Title: Chris Jericho (with Edge) def. The Undertaker by pin following the Codebreaker.

During the match, on the outside of the ring, The Undertaker tried to throw Chris Jericho into Edge, but Edge dodged it. After Undertaker rolled Jericho back int other ring, Undertaker hit Edge with a big boot. Back inside the ring, Undertaker sent Jericho into an exposed turnbuckle before hitting the Last Ride, but Edge then hit Undertaker with a Spear. After recovering from the Spear, Undertaker went to finish off Jericho, but Jericho had recovered enough to hit the Codebreaker on Undertaker to pick up the win.

Match Quality

  1. Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk
  2. Chris Jericho Vs. The Undertaker
  3. Drew McIntyre Vs. Kane
  4. Matt Hardy & The Great Khali Vs. The Hart Dynasty
  5. Team Lay-Cool Vs. Mickie James
  6. R-Truth Vs. John Morrison
  7. Mickie James Vs. Layla

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night saw the first of three one-on-one matches between the Elimination Chamber competitors as “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk, with Serena & Luke Gallows, went one-on-one with “The Masked Marvel” Rey Mysterio. In a fast-paced and hard-fought match, it was Rey Mysterio overcoming the interference of Serena & Luke Gallows to roll-up CM Punk and pick up the win! Mysterio’s victory came at a price as, after the match was over, all three members of The Straightedge Society decimated Rey, with CM Punk delivering the final blow with the GTS. How will Rey Mysterio respond to the three-on-one attack by The Straightedge Society? When Serena & Luke Gallows find themselves locked outside the Elimination Chamber, can their “Straightedge Savior”, CM Punk, survive to win the World Heavyweight Championship?

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre made an appearance on SmackDown and states that he “does not care” who his opponent is because he is “undefeated and unstoppable”! The Intercontinental Champion’s demeanor changed when it was revealed that his opponent was “The Big Red Machine” Kane! McIntyre told Kane that he has “nothing to prove” and that he “dropped” Kane last week! McIntyre went on to offer Kane a match next week, but “The Big Red Machine” had no desire to wait as Kane blasted the Intercontinental Champion with a big boot to start the match, whether McIntyre wanted it to start or not! The intensity of both Superstars led to the match spilling to the outside of the ring, where both men were counted out of the match! After the match, McIntyre caught Kane with the biggest of big boots! McIntyre tried to blast Kane with his Intercontinental Title belt, but “The Big Red Machine” caught McIntyre with a spine-rattling chokeslam! It would appear that things are far from over between Kane & Drew McIntyre, but will this feud be McIntyre’s first true test as Intercontinental Champion? Is Kane seeking McIntyre’s Intercontinental Title?

Backstage, Team Lay-Cool continued to ridicule new Women’s Champion Mickie James in catering. When Team Lay-Cool offered Mickie a bowl of cottage cheese, the Women’s Champion smacked the bowl out of the hands of McCool and the cottage cheese inadvertently landed all over SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero!

Women’s Champion Mickie James was in action on SmackDown as the new champion squared off with Michelle McCool’s right hand Diva, Layla. Following her inadvertent cottage cheese bath at the hands of Mickie James, SmackDown Consultant stopped the one-on-one match and announced that the match will be contested as a 2-on-1 Handicap Match with Michelle McCool joining the fray! In the end, the 2-on-1 disadvantage was too much for Mickie as McCool pinned the champion to pick up the win! When will Michelle McCool get her rematch for the Women’s Title? Can McCool unseat the new champion?

Following his bizarre actions last week on SmackDown where he intentionally got himself counted out in a match against CM Punk where, if he had won, he would have received a World Heavyweight Title opportunity inside the Elimination Chamber, Batista made an appearance on SmackDown to discuss his actions of last week and his actions against John Cena a couple of weeks ago on RAW. Batista grabbed the microphone and stood on the second turnbuckle before slowly walking around the ring and, after reentering the ring, Batista simply stood in the middle of the ring and symbolically dropped the microphone, not once, but twice! Why has Batista refused to speak on his recent actions? How will John Cena respond to Batista’s lack of explanation?

In his first appearance since being superkicked by Shawn Michaels on RAW, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long states that since Batista does not want to give an explanation for his recent actions, then Batista will compete as he would go one-on-one with the winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble Match, Edge, on next week’s SmackDown!

Matt Hardy & The Great Khali were in action on SmackDown and, after Matt brought out his “valentine”, Maria, the unique tag team faced off with The Hart Dynasty. After a Diva brawl broke out between Maria & Natalya on the outside of the ring, Tyson Kidd tried to roll up Matt Hardy, but the veteran tag team competitor countered with his own roll-up to pick up the win!

In a one-on-one match between two of the participants Elimination Chamber Match, R-Truth faced off with John Morrison. Unfortunately, the match quickly came to an end as John Morrison went down with an ankle injury, forcing the referee to stop the match. What is the status of John Morrison? Will Morrison be able to compete inside the Elimination Chamber?

The winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble Match, Edge, made an appearance on SmackDown and states that he is out there to discuss the “benefits” of winning the Royal Rumble Match. Edge says that, in addition to getting a guaranteed WrestleMania title shot, winning the Rumble means that he does not have to compete in the Elimination Chamber. Edge then states that he will face whoever “survives” the Elimination Chamber Match and says that, of the twelve potential champions in the two Elimination Chamber Matches, The Undertaker “stands out” with his undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Edge begins to discuss his match with Batista next week, but “The Rated-R Superstar” is interrupted by Chris Jericho, who states that he is a “bad luck charm” for Edge as “bad things happen” when he is near Edge! Jericho then proclaims that he “does not get injured, but he does “win championships”, as well as “carry” the WWE! Jericho then tells Edge to “save himself some grief” and challenge the winner of the RAW Elimination Chamber Match! Jericho then vows to win the World Heavyweight Title inside the Elimination Chamber and tells Edge to “stay away” from him or “bad things” will happen to Edge! Jericho then tells Edge to “watch what happens” when he faces The Undertaker!

With the 2010 Royal Rumble Match winner, Edge, a guest on commentary, it was time for the main event as World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker went one-on-one with Chris Jericho in a No Disqualification Match. During the match, the action spilled to the outside of the ring, but after Chris Jericho got in the face of Edge, The Undertaker took advantage before intentionally throwing Chris Jericho over the announce table in a missed attempt to hit Edge! As Edge looked on, The Undertaker turned his focus back on Chris Jericho as “The Deadman” tossed Jericho back into the ring before blasting Edge with a big boot out of nowhere! After Jericho was run into the exposed steel turnbuckle, The Undertaker planted Chris Jericho with the Last Ride before “The Phenom” was laid out with the Spear by Edge! After Edge exited the ring, The Undertaker got back to his feet, but the Spear by Edge allotted Jericho enough time to recover and Jericho hit The Undertaker with the Codebreaker en route to picking up the win over the World Heavyweight Champion! Who will gain the final momentum on next week’s SmackDown two nights before the Elimination Chamber Match? Who will come out victorious when Edge goes one-on-one with Batista next week?