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The Rumor Mill: Featuring Future WWE Guest Hosts, Cryme Tyme and Pay-Per-View Shakeups!

Welcome to The Rumor Mill, I’m The Informant and I’ll be your host! Think you know what’s really going on in the wrestling world? Find the latest rumors doing the rounds here. Truth or fiction? You decide!
The big story of the week is the WWE conference call where WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that, after twenty-three years, WWE will no longer be having the Survivor Series pay-per-view starting this year. This was followed up by a survey asking the fans about future event concepts that they would like to see with options like the War Games, Battle Bowl, & WWE Draft pay-per-view events. While the WWE is searching for the fans’ opinions on the new event(s), it is being treated as more of a “second opinion” to the decision-makers in the WWE as the War Games and Single-Elimination Tournament concepts are reportedly the favorites to replace the Survivor Series event in November.
While the change will more than likely not happen until next year, WWE is reportedly looking to rename the annual Backlash event to something along the lines of “WWE Payback” or “WWE WrestleMania Revenge” and the WWE is also looking revert back to the original idea for the Backlash event where there would WrestleMania rematches and general fallout from the big event.
The rumor has been floating around that, if Linda McMahon does not win the Connecticut Senate seat, she has no plans to come back to the WWE and serve as the company’s CEO. The general feeling among the WWE employees is that Stephanie McMahon will leave the WWE in the future to try and give her kids a shot at a normal life. While Stephanie is rumored to be leaving, it is expected that Triple H will continue to compete in the WWE for several years to come.
There has been discussion in the WWE of having RAW become a three-hour show permanently, starting with the RAW after WrestleMania, where the plan is to hold the 2010 WWE Draft on a three-hour show.
An idea being tossed around in the WWE is to have an “animated” RAW Guest Host sometimes this year with The Simpsons being the most likely first animated hosts of the show. The way it would work would be to have the animated Guest Host(s) appear on the WWE big screen and announce the matches and other decisions typically seen made by the Guest Hosts.
On the subject of Guest Hosts, there are a number of names being discussed for future Guest Hosts with the WWE looking to find some Guest Hosts that would appeal to the younger demographic, particularly teenage girls. One of the potential Guest Hosts that WWE is in talks with is singer and star of the Nickelodeon TV series, “iCarly”, Miranda Cosgrove.
WWE are currently trying to get The Kardashian family to come in as Guest Hosts, as well as Robin Williams, comedian Daniel Tosh, “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon, Oprah Winfrey, comedian Sinbad (who stars in “Celebrity Apprentice” with WWE Diva Maria), legendary baseball player Willie Mays, Ashton Kutcher, singer Kesha, Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, James Van Der Beek, & Mel Gibson.
As far as WWE Legends and Hall of Famers hosting RAW go, there are some names being discussed; such as Jimmy Snuka, Pat Patterson, Jimmy Hart, Diamond Dallas Page, Ron Simmons, Dean Malenko, Lita, and even The Iron Sheik. WWE continues to have discussions with John “Bradshaw” Layfield, but JBL continues to refuse the WWE offers; citing that he has been too busy with his financial career.
WWE is apparently looking to “restructure” the Cryme Tyme team to where JTG is the focus of the duo while Shad serves as more of a “bodyguard” of sorts; similar to the CM Punk & Luke Gallows team where Punk is the main focus. This rumor is further backed up by the fact that JTG competed, alone, in the Royal Rumble Match and JTG had a one-on-one match on WWE Superstars against Dolph Ziggler, with Shad nowhere to be found. As it stands, there is no real push in mind for JTG, but the WWE feels that JTG has more promise and is more over with the crowd than Shad is.
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