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Rob Van Dam Discusses Joining TNA or Returning to the WWE!

The following is a recap of Rob Van Dam’s appearance on the Right After Wrestling Radio Show last night:

“I feel fairly optimistic because I know TNA is trying really hard to make a good deal for me and that’s basically where we’re at.”

“Everything is worth putting on the table to consider, but when it comes time to consider going back to that full-time travel schedule with WWE, that’s not something that I’m wanting to do right now,” RVD said. “The schedule with TNA and also probably their appreciation for RVD might also be a benefit over WWE.”

“WWE would love to have me come back on a full-time basis, but as you know by pointing out that Hogan called into my radio show and stayed on for about an hour, they have been very pro-active and trying to acquire RVD,” RVD said. “That leads me to believe I would have a good spot if things do work out there. We’ll see.”

WWE wants him, but RVD has not forgotten that he was unhappy towards the end of his last run there.

“WWE had me so burnt out because my contract said I would get a weekend off every month and I never did and they wouldn’t give it to me,” RVD said. “When I would tell them I’m so burnt out I don’t want to be here and I’m resenting traveling and coming to work every day, they would double-book me. So, that’s how it went down.”